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Acne - A Damage to your Skin

Acne, A very known and common issue to persons. There are many reasons for acne depending upon the situations like oily skin, allergic to particular food items, cosmetics allergies or dead skin cells accumulated at the hair follicles. Acne is not based to any gender/age and can happen to anyone at any stage.

#Dermotologist #SkinCare #DochealHealthcare #Acne #scars
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Top 10 Summer Tips for Healthy Living

1. Hydrate
2. Give Your Diet a Berry Boost
3. Get Outside to Exercise
4. Lifestyle Modification
5. See Your Doctor
6. Stay Shady
7. Plan a Personal Vacation
8. Disconnect
9. Sleep Well
10. Stay Cool

#SummerTips #Healthcare #Docheal #DochealHealthCare #SummerTipsforHealthyLiving #HealthTipsSummer
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Top 10 Incredible Benefits of Green Tea

1. Cuts Cancer Risk
2. Improves Heart Health
3. Regulates Blood Pressure
4. Lowers The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
5. Helps in Weight Loss
6. Helps Relieve Arthritis
7. Promotes Longevity
8. Boosts Immunity
9. Improves Brain Health
10. Treats Down Syndrome

#GreenTea #BenefitsofGreenTea #EffectsofGreenTea #GreenTeaHealthBenefits
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Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

1. Relieves nasal congestion
2. Healthier digestion
3. Improved circulation
4. Helps relieve constipation
5. Keeps you hydrated
6. Help you in weight loss
7. Improves circulation
8. Can decrease stress levels
9. Can help reduce toxins
10. Helps relieve symptoms of achalasia
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Easy Steps to Manage Your Stress

We often hear that he/she is in stress but very few actually know what exactly stress is or how to manage this to stay healthy. Stress is a response triggered but your body to particular situation involving threat or concern in mind. Everyone deal with stress at some point in our life, It can be any situation may be its your personal issues, Family problems, issues at job.

#Stress #ManageYourStress #FamilyProblems #Health #healthcare
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Signs & Symptoms of Hypertension

#Hypertension #StayHealthy #HighBloodPressure
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Lower Your Cholesterol #Naturally

#Cholesterol is a waxy substance in your body that needs to work properly. Your #body makes cholesterol. But access amount of cholesterol in your blood is not good and can lead to some serious #medical conditions like: #atherosclerosis.
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Causes & Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes
1. Genetic makeup and family history
2. Age
3. Over Weight
4. Hypothyroidism
5. History of stroke
5. Stress

#Diabetes #Type2Diabetes #Type2DiabetesCauses #Type2DiabetesRiskFactor
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Choose Right #Dietitian for your Good Diet Plan

Having a Dietitian is great benefit to your health and advice you how to eat well and control your #health but to have these benefits you must be sure that you are working with right person. You may keep in mind following tips to select right dietitian to achieve your #HealthGoals.
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