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Folk Art Stockinet Black Antique Style Cloth dolls by The Little Hamptons
FOR SALE:  A new cute trio! Sam, Martha & Jane are listed in my Etsy shop. They are all 14"tall cotton stockinet dolls, stuffed with mostly cotton filling and styled on late 1800s cloth dolls. I have embroidered & sculpted their features and also aged them ...

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Beecher Type Black Cloth Art Dolls antique Primitive Folk Art Style by The Little Hamptons
FOR SALE: BETTY a 20"cloth doll. Available in my Etsy shop. Click on this link to my Etsy shop:   Etsy listing for Betty    Betty is styled on late 1800s Beecher type dolls. She is a cloth doll,
stuffed with cotton and aged with paint, coffee, cinnamon and...

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New Little Hamptons Art Dolls. Antique style with Paper clay over cloth.
Meet My 2 Newest Girls Adelaide and Esme.  Addie has since been sold but Esme is in my Etsy shop. FOR SALE: ESME  Here is a front view of Esme wearing her clothing that I made especially for her from antique cotto...

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Antique style jointed mohair aged artist bears by Hampton Bears.
FOR SALE:  In my Etsy shop Clown bears that I have given that special Hampton Bears aged look. For sale in my etsy shop. I've made them both a ruffle and a hat. Look just like early bears from the first half of t...

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Black reproduction of Patience an antique Izannah Walker doll. By The Little Hamptons.
SOLD:  A new Patience is finished and dressed. Sorry but she is already sold, but I'll be making another soon. She is about 18" tall.  I made her an outfit consisting of a second skin, chemise, bloomers, half slip, skirt, blouse and hat. The skirt is made f...

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Hampton Bears Sewing pattern for jointed March Hare Bunny,( based on Alice in Wonderland hare), designed by teddy bear artist.
New Pattern for a March Hare. PDF Pattern available in my online Etsy shop or you can order directly from me by contacting me by the email link on the right hand side of this page. Here is the Etsy link.

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SALE!!! NOW ON 20% Dicount on Hampton Bears and The Little Hamptons antique style bears & Izannah Walker Repro. Dolls, patterns and kits.
Sale with 20 % discount, now on in my Etsy shop until the end of December.  I have patterns for bears and  doll clothing, kits and completed Izannah Walker reproduction dolls as well as a good range of my Hampton Bears antique style teddies. They are all av...

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Hampton Bears Antique Style artist teddy Bears on Bearpile. New 13" aged teddies.
I have just finished making three little teddy bears, with their mummy mended look, including obvious stitching and wool and button stitched eyes. Poor little bears may be minus an eye and had a few worn out paw pads, but they are  full of character with th...

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Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll of the antique Eliza, by the Little Hamptons. 19 1/2"tall.
FOR SALE: Eliza has been quite popular this month, so I've created another sweet girl.  I made the dress from a very old mid 1800s fabric. I love these old fabrics. They have a special feel about them. If you'd like more information or would like to purchas...

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Reproduction of Eliza, an Antique Izannah Walker doll. 19 1/2"tall.
Finished and For Sale:   Eliza is a 19 1/2" reproduction of an Izannah Walker doll. She has a
composition head and shoulders that I made using the mold taken from
the original antique Izannah Walker doll named Eliza. I carefully paint
and give these dol...
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