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Brandon Cabana
I'm a bit of a nerd
I'm a bit of a nerd

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One of these days I'll actually be good at keeping up with social media.

So same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states of America.  This calls for a party.

So, how are people doing?

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I should really start posting here more often, but considering I don't post in general, makes it a bit difficult

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So thought I'd toss this here too.  This is a site to help you keep track of games you have beaten, need to beat and to see what your friends are doing.  Name is serpeng if people want to add me.

I have four closed beta keys to heroes of the storm if anyone is interested.

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Just found out Leonard Nimoy passed away today.  I has a sad.

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+William Fennell+Matthew Ingold+Chris Ronsicki​ I think I found us a beer
Dark Horse Comics and Rogue Brewing team up for Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Red Ale. 
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