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I just got a $200 (w/ contract) phone for $20, $25 off my monthly bill, plus unlimited 4g. Thank you Verizon!

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This is for my NE Michigan friends. WBKB never had anyone this good when I lived there!

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I can't watch this without hearing "Excellent" from Quake III.

Guy at a stop light: how much was that?
Me: $23,000
Guy: For a convertible? Wow!

5 minutes later...
Canadian guy in a parking lot: How do you like your Cooper?
Me: I love it.
Canadian guy: I have a friend in Nova Scotia that has one. What kind of gas mileage do you get?

Just a typical day for a MINI owner :-) I wish they had a referral program.

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‎#1 tweet of the day, from

Today, Predators players were using the ping pong tables in the hallway outside of the locker rooms. Todd Bertuzzi saw this and then told them if they wanted to play they needed their own table, then folded up the table, and rolled it into the Wings locker room. #boom

I never expected this kind of behavior from the Sharks. And I'm even more suprised the refs missed it! /sarcasm

Someone needs to invent a way to compress the space around buildings to increase the number of close parking spots.

Um... wow. Ericcson (Red Wings) just made a great defensive play on a breakaway without taking a penalty. I'm impressed!

22,500,000 people have been born since the last time the Red Wings lost in Detroit. They have gone their whole lives (almost 100 days for some of them) without having the dissapointment of a loss at home.
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