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migrating my Google+ stuff from this account to this account. It's just better for me - everything all in one place, attached to the google account I use now. I wonder if people who have circled me will be automatically updated/redirected to my new home.  Hmm... We'll see. It'd be nice if Google got this right.

That period of time between noon and 1pm when, as a person who lunches at 11am, the office will be quiet as most others are lunching. #peace

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A-yup! (Although I am guilty of a few of these).

That's it, Tuesday. Take it easy. No drama necessary.

Me: Hey boss, is the intern done & back to school?
Boss: No, not that I know of
Me: Oh, did she have the day off yesterday? She wasn't in.
Boss: She wasn't?

Had to restart mods to a #jquery  plugin from basically ZERO after things stopped working yesterday. The funny thing is that I'm not sure how it "worked" without the additional changes I made this morning after recoding my mods. Back on track, but now there are other fires to put out.

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#geekhumor   #superhero   #plans  

Stuff you need for plans, like ruling the world or becoming a superhero...


Good riddance, Monday. Tuesday, you'd better not suck. I'm warning you! 

Oh, boy. Yup! It's been a Monday.

ture !== true
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