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The Conservative Party And The Working Class.
The Conservative party and the working class When you think of your 'typical' Conservative voter you might think of a rich, chubby, white guy with too much money and a disregard for the working classes. Well, if only rich people voted for them then they wou...

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Things That Started Good Then Got Awful.
Things that started good then got awful There are many things in life that you become interested in only to witness its gradual decline in quality. Here are a few things that I enjoyed in their earlier stages only to watch them become awful, or at least wor...

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Debunking Reasons To Hate The FA Cup.
Debunking reasons to hate the FA Cup You hear a lot of criticism about the FA Cup not having the prestige it once had. I personally still love the competition and all the surprises it throws up. Here is a quick list of why I think some of the common argumen...

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10 GOOD Things About 2016.
10 GOOD Things About 2016 (Not Ordered By Importance). It would be easy to hate on 2016. I mean; Trump became president despite being disliked by every human I personally know, we were (as a guy from 'Muslims Like Us' put it) knocked out of the Euros by Ice...

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6 Games I Wish Were On The NES Classic.
6 Games I Wish Were On The NES Classic When the NES Classic was released I thought it was a really good idea by Nintendo and, judging by how quickly it sold out, so did they. Hopefully we will see lots more retro throwbacks from gaming companies in the futu...

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Great Films You May Have Not Seen Yet.
Great Films You May Have Not Seen Yet When I am trying to choose a film I often feel as if I have seen most of the 'classics' I want to watch. Therefore, I find myself looking up; 'best films I haven't watched', 'best unheard of films', 'best under the rada...

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Brexit, Trump and Celebrity Big Brother.
Brexit, Trump, Easy Opinions and Bad Predictions I was absolutely convinced that Britain was going to stay in Europe but, then again, I also thought England might do okay in the Euro's so what do I know? Evidently, not much. Why did I think this? Because al...

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Revisiting Albums I Loved When I Was Fifteen.
Revisiting Albums I Loved When I Was Fifteen When I was fifteen I wore clothes that looked like this:    If you were also a teenager in the noughties then you can probably accurately guess what kind of music I listened to based on that picture alone. I no l...

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Goodbye Summer! Best Summer Memories.
Goodbye Summer! Best Summer Memories I have very
recently left teaching and realised that this will be the first time in...EVER
that I won't have the summer holidays. It's made me look back on all those
summer holidays I've had since childhood with rose tin...

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Daily Mail Allows Extreme Islamophobia During Ramadan.
Daily Mail Allows Extreme Islamophobia During Ramadan. I was genuinely quite amazed when I read  this article from Katie Hopkins in the Daily Mail today. It is usually quite easy to ignore anything she says because she is too much of an idiotic caricature ...
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