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William Leemans
Entrepreneur, Techie, Geek, Cosmopolitan, Music lover
Entrepreneur, Techie, Geek, Cosmopolitan, Music lover

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I was wondering if any of you have come by, or created the stats for the imperial security droid (k-2so) for d20.
Google didn't do me any favours throwing them up...

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En zielige man, die Jan Pourquoi...
Gelukkig voor hem komt hij niet uit één van die 7 landen...

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I have to hand it to the Dutch... They make the greatest infomercial about the Netherlands! It's true!

MS Windows is the best OS! Ever!

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Awesome +George Takei​!

H/T +Carl Draper​
so awesome, this guy i met once, +George Takei. what a genuinely fantastic human, and a good example to us all.

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Hoe zeggen ze dat ook alweer? Fight fire with fire... ofte een clown met een lach!

Bij de Europese Commissie wordt laconiek gereageerd op de uitspraken van toekomstig Amerikaans president Donald Trump. Die had gezegd dat er volgens hem nog landen uit de Europese Unie zullen stappen na de "fantastische brexit".

Dear +Star Wars​​,

Please substitute J.J. Abrams with Gareth Edwards,

I just saw Rogue One and I was... Well for a lack of better words... Blown away!

A Star Wars fan.

I just discovered our newly bought #Neff kitchen appliances run on Open Source software... How #awesome!

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Looking forward to see how Krampus will adopt Open Source tools for their business...
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