+Dede Craig +James Ehni - Here's a cover from Crossed... It's kinda funny, in a twisted sort of way...

This is what people would really do if Mickey D's ran out of Nuggets...
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We were having a discussion on one of +Sonny Williamson's posts about good zombie reading during the TWD break, and I had to let Crossed come up....

I finished the original set, and need to start on Family Values one of these days...
I'm officially depraved - I lol'd. It's not that bad or is this the tamest?
It could also be caused by the McRib going away...
+Jill Mwar - It's probably why I've stalled on Crossed - I'm feeling a letdown going into Family Values.
+Sonny Williamson I did, the worst was the woman lying spread eagled and bleeding. If they were real people I might've been grossed out but these are...what's the word? Acceptable to my sensibilities? Funny? Interesting? 
Sent you a page... it's pretty grim stuff.
Garth Ennis isn't really known to write fluff comics, if you know his style (The Boys, Preacher and recently Fury Max) then you are prepared.

Please try to support your local comic book stores.

Seriously, it's my favourite current comics series. Full on and brilliant. It just climaxed too.
The volumes are always a good sell at the shop.
Caveat: Any rape scenes of children I won't indulge. Anything else is fair game in context. 
It's the context as well as the images. When a group rips apart an eight year-old girl alive then stabs a man so they can rape him in the wound it can't fail but make you do a double-take.
Reminds me of the Crash movie...
Even the actions of the uninfected can give you pause - the lengths they go to to survive can also be disturbing.
In Psychopath they take that idea and run with it Mike.
Are you trying to entice or deter? :)
I'm going to have to buck up and catch up on Crossed now... I have everything up to Badlands 4 right now, and I should be getting 5 soon.
Okay now I feel like an idiot. Sorry! In my defense Mike is a pretty common name :)
So what's the OP scan? 
That's the cover wrap from the original Crossed series #6. I tried to message you a 2-page spread from Psychopath #5, but I don't know if you got it...
Psychopath #5 thank you Mike, just thank you. And good night, for one of us at least ;)
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