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Aulis Pellavapää
Six Million Voices For Truth - Choose Life !!
Six Million Voices For Truth - Choose Life !!


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- 20.03. International HoloHoax Day 2014 

6 PM to 6 PM - It's about Global Time !! 

International Holohoax Day is an annual Remembrance and celebration Day for all victims and true survivors of the official, orthodox, historical, medical and mainstream popular belief media Six million lies. 

School of Propaganda wants to bring all hoaxes and their victims together under one roof to be heard, we ourself have a story to tell.
Our voices are drowning in the mainstream media pushed and paid mind control and lies, six million lies!!  We look to raise Truth awareness and truthful accurate knowledge preservation, to do that we have to
Remove the Lies, Reduce the Burden - Eliminate the Pollution !! 

International Holohoax Day wouldn't be a true accurate memorial for all of us unheard voices without a happy meaningful sacrifice of  immoral deceptive stories, propaganda and outright bullcrap they feed us.  The deadly lies that us, the masses are being controlled and lead astray with must stop. Join the forces, get the job done quicker !! Arbeit Macht Frei ! 

Our burning desire is to rid our community of deceptive mind polluting junk, It can be  a book, magazine, video, poster, image, report a meme, write a damming review or any other action against negative and deceptive propaganda - It Is Everywhere so there is no shortage, we are drowning !!  The lies will run their course and come back again or until they are stopped & stripped bare, by the believers. Time is up, the cake is about to blow! 

Location: Free of choice / online/ backyard, BBQ or any barrel will do, freestyle is the way - Add Truth Remove Lies - Six Million Voices For Truth!

Suggested material: Anne Frank "Diaries" (proven fraudulent.) and other mainstream material. * Do not steal or burn property not belonging to you, do not destroy library or school material even if found hideously misleading. We do not encourage or endorse any criminal activity !!  Libraries are however invited to take part, 80% of your books are full fiction fantasies written by the victors. 

You are here by Invited to join forces with School of Propaganda for the Good Fight towards a propaganda free society and to aid the preservation of our own heritage and true original culture.  Pick a book, any book that lies, start collecting and invite your Family, Friends, Neighbors and Colleague's over for a dinner, bonfire and a fascinating true lesson in our own  true history, become the voice of reason!! 
Freedom of lies is a Human Right !!  

                                           20.03  - 2014 -
                             - International Holohoax Day  - 

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