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Here is how public posts should work in +Google+ 

1) Google+ should define a list of "official tags", Each tag should correspond to a list of related words. Examples

* NFL is related to New York giants, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens
* Photography is related to camera, lense, photo, film
* rpg is related to roleplaying, D&D, character sheet, pathfinder

2) If I write many public posts using the keywords of a given tag such as NFL, then Google+ should eventually offer me to tag all my NFL-posts as #NFL . This means that whenever I write a post containing a word that is related to NFL, then Google+ will automatically offer me to add the tag #NFL to the post. 

3) If one of my subscribers is annoyed by my posts on NFL's then he should be able to right click on a post and select "Ignore posts on NFL from Niels"

4) If one of my subscribers is only interested in posts on NFL's then he should be able to right click on a post and select "Only view posts on NFL from Niels"

The point here is to encourage posters to use the same few tags again and again, allowing the subscribers to filter the content. If Google+ allowed me to filter out family photos from public posts, then it would be much more useful. 

+Google+ Features Requests  #googleplusfeaturerequest  

Last month I shared a +Google+ post with a circle containing only myself.

Today I searched for my own name on and the picture in the post showed up.

This should never happen. The whole idea behind the circles is to facilitate privacy. I don't want my private posts to show up in google searches.
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