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See the future of Agility!
See the future of Agility!


Thanks to Matt & Ken, both excellent code helpers, our proprietary Sitehound software has been reconstructed and is going through final testing this weekend. Those tests have brought our upcoming event count to nearly 1,800 trials which are now searchable on!
There is still a long way to go on the data collection To Do List but the completion of the first phase of the Sitehound project marks the most significant step forward since our hosting problem in mid-October.
Next we will be resuming our efforts to restore Trial Secretary access to the administration side of the website while starting work on Sitehound collecting more premium links from a variety of additional sources.
Once the info is being collected efficiently and we have a rather complete routine in place for Sitehound, then we will begin work on resuming the Newsletter.
Thanks for your patience as we have been working through all these issues

Updates completed today for VA, TN, IN, AL, DC, HI, WV, RI, ND, and SD. Good progress on Social integration as well!
Next up: Trial Secretary access to add / update event info and view Click-2-Run entry data. now has a Google+ Page ... another way to easily share info from North America's most comprehensive online Dog Agility calendar!

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