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Kalen Meyer
An artist and teacher living in the Bay Area.
An artist and teacher living in the Bay Area.

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Week 15 and the end: week 16 (we did it)!
And here are the last two posts….  my summer camp for young students is starting on Monday,  so Libby and I finished the series just in time. For week fifteen I loved the opportunity to paint another clothes pin, and in BLUE too! Laundry Day, painting by Ka...

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Bicoastal Project, Week 13 & 14
We are almost to the end of this project, only two more weeks to go. I will miss the challenge of working with Libby's imagery.  Love this latest image of the boats on shore. I love the photograph and also the painting, but feel they are really two differen...

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Bicoastal Project, Week 11 & 12
Like many bloggers I follow, I got a bit behind these last few weeks,  not too busy to paint, but too busy to post. I apologize. These two paintings are similar in that the water in the backgrounds have a lot of details, and details are never easy. Since I ...

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Bicoastal Project, Week 10
 I confessed to Libby today that every week I can't wait to open the file from her with the five new images, and every week I say to myself, "You've got to be kidding!" when I see them.  The photographs are always great images, but even though Libby is send...

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Bicoastal Project Week 9
Buoy on open water (no more ice)! Loved this image Libby Ellis sent from Martha's Vineyard. Felt as if I hit a new level for myself this week, this project is really stretching my painting muscles. Buoy, painting by Kalen Meyer, acrylic on canvas, 10" x 10"...

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Bicoastal, week eight
I know those of us on the West Coast don't fully understand how it feels when you see the first flowers poking up from bare dirt after a long winter, since our plum trees bloom in January, but I can try to imagine it. Of course, Libby sent images of flowers...

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Bicoastal, week seven
Libby sent a couple of images by accident before the Wednesday deadline. I looked at them, of course, and LOVED this one. Since it was in an odd format, I didn't know what they were but was HOPING she was going to send this as part of the five. I got a text...

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Bicoastal, Week Six
We still have not come up with a good name for this project! I noted on Instagram this week that I could most definitely see the Marine influence in all of these images (except the first and fifth), of course it is Martha's Vineyard! Again, knew right away ...

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Week Five, Bicoastal Project
Week five. Libby sent five photographs of closely cropped type from a sign at a llama farm. When I first saw them I had a few doubts about how this was going to work as a painting. I looked a each photo by itself, and this one, with its subtle fold in the s...

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Week Four, Bicoastal Project
On week four the photographs came a little late. I had been thinking it was easier to take five photos than it is to paint one, but when Libby was late this week, I realized it's not so simple to take five compelling photographs on demand. We talked on the ...
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