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Spiritual, Social and Phenomenal :-)
Spiritual, Social and Phenomenal :-)

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Gurudev meeting few of the devotees who have come from all states of India and 70 countries to celebrate Navratri 2013 in the Art of Living Bangalore Ashram 

 From the archives.

Top 10 favorite FADs (Frequently Articulated Doubts) for not doing the advance course.

 1) I can't travel outstation (parents will not permit)-- girls
 2) I can't miss classes/college
 3) Just finished the basic - too early for advance.
 4) Can't afford the money
5) Silence??? & me? - no chance
6) My friends/parents will think i am going overboard/ going crazy with spirituality
7) I can't get up early
8) Have to attend my cousin's marriage. Else she will never forgive me.
9) Exams are round the corner
10) There's always a next time

1) I can't travel outstation (parents will not permit)—girls

Ironical how sending your daughter faraway for a job is often no problem! Its time for the parents to grow up! Their girls already have. And it is the skillful responsibility of the grown up girls to convey just that to the parents.

 2) I can't miss classes/college

 That is one of the biggest lie I can never stand up to(or lie down to). We have done so many advance courses while we were in IIT, inspite of the ridiculously packed schedule and the strict 80%  attendance. All it requires it an intense desire to do it, and something called Creative Accounting (applied to business, but adapted to classes:-)).
In some good institutes, they have a rule - min 75% attendance rule does not hold for 9 pointers! Start a similar rule n be in that empowered bracket!

3) Just finished the YES!+ -- too early for advance.

 Its perfect time to do advance. The ideal time gap  between YES!+ and YES!+ advance is about 3 minutes. It would seem too early only from a myopic view of life. After 20 years you have done YES!+. Sincerely, one does not have to wait another 20 years to do the advance. Heard Gurudev once say, best to do Advance Course is within 30 days of completing the YES!+ or Part I. You are Lucky or Intelligent or both if you can manage that feat.

 4) Can't afford the money

 Right... So earn, beg, borrow and preferably don’t  steal.Studies show that one of the top earning beggars on Mumbai earns Rs. 1000/- a day. Well, however bad you are at begging, there are still few more days to register.At least there is no harm in begging from your parents. Remember to beg in the name of the god your parents worship, not you.

 5) Silence??? & me? - no way

 Didn’t you say the same thing about driving a bike, or so many other things you are now so cool about. Don’t worry, we have state of the art cello tapes and other slightly painful stitching aids to serve the purpose.
 6) My friends/parents will think i am going  overboard/ going crazy with spirituality

In general, when people think you have gone crazy, that's One of the first signs that you are doing something right.  Go MAD (Make A Difference to yourself and the world at large by coming on board). It’s a good idea not to be a football of others opinions. Again requires guts to jump out of the comfort zone into the courage zone.

7) I can't get up early

 All the beds at the venue are attached with a bucket  of cold water above it, which are designed to trigger download at the crowing of the cock. Getting up early would be definitely easier than kicking the bucket  (pun intended).

 8) Going to a cousin's marriage… She will never  forgive me.

 You can pay your condolences later:-)  Your marriage with your self is always top priority. She not forgiving you is anytime better than you not forgiving yourself.

 9) Exams are round the corner
 Hence advance straight to the course. So as to ensure the journey round the corner will be a smooth and exciting one. 

 10) There's always a next time

 There is always death, tsunamis, earthquakes, bomb blasts and heart attacks and unfortunately they  don’t come by taking an appointment. Your time on this planet is  precious. Do Good things NOW.

 Ever wondered why the above excuse ALWAYS comes when  we want to do something good and not when you want to  do something bad. To do something legendary, to leave a mark on the  passages on time, to blossom forth in the world, you need to take the time off to go deep into yourself, and pull the arrow back so that it seeks its target.

 That is the YES!+ advance course.

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I dont want you to succeed in this, and hence this piece !!!

Volunteer For A Better India

What is it?!
Its a huge force of good people coming together in big numbers!

What are they supposed to do when they come together in big numbers?!
Volunteer... and PEP up the public, P-E-P up the people.

* P - Pressure Groups to fight corruption and cleanse our system. Go in groups (of 20/25/30) to any public officer expecting bribe for a particular work and dont budge until the work is done. Also, patiently pressurise the officer to go honest and to put a sign on their desk or office - 'I am honest/incorruptible, I dont expect/accept bribes'

* E - Educate and Inspire people to fight social ills like gender inequality and female feticide..., start voting AND take bold steps to make people's representatives accountable during their tenure to ensure good governance. Also effectively using the E medium to educate and engage people in this countrywide revolution.

* P - Preventive measures against alcohol, drugs and stress - the 3 main culprits of violence. We tackle this with vegetarian food and good exercise, yoga, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya. Prevention can also be achieved by creatively engaging people in socials challenges, music, dance, theatre or sports. Also creating community neighbourhood watches of strong and mindful citizens for women's safety.

Contact local Art of Living Centres/teachers/volunteers to initiate this task force and give one hour a day for our nation.

Let the urban and rural join minds, hearts and hands from all age groups (youth, elderly, children, women) and from all walks of life (doctors, lawyers, artists, corporates, government officials, farmers, workers, politicians, bureaucrats, socials and community groups, and NGOs).

Be a part of this peaceful and proactive movement by messaging - VFABI EmailAddress Name Surname - to 8080801010. Join His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on 3rd Feb, 4-7pm, on Ram Leela Grounds, New Delhi (or in your respective cities, towns or villages on tv/net) for the official nationwide launch of Volunteer For A Better India. 

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