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Denise Moncrief
International Best Selling Author of Paranormal Suspense
International Best Selling Author of Paranormal Suspense

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My Netflix Addiction
Some might call my addiction to Netflix bingeing a problem. I call it... Well, I can't argue with them. I can't watch just one episode of a show. Oh, no. My bingeing got so bad that I had to stay off Netflix for a while or wouldn't get any writing or housew...

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How My Family Copes With My Writing
This is the family. Left to right: Me, my daughter, my son, my son-in-law, and my husband. This post is supposed to be about how my family copes with my writing, but I don’t think they cope with it. Sometimes, I get a distant look in my eyes, and I stare at...

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The Power of Words
Hello, my name is Denise, and I’m addicted to books. My reading addiction began when I was a teenager. My friend Brenda had begun reading Harlequin romances, and she let me borrow one. I was hooked from the first read. The emotional rise and fall of the plo...

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Success Is Personal: Reflections On a Twelve-Year Journey
Everyone in author world has his or her own definition of success. Some define it as making six figures in royalties. Many want to be published by a big 5 publisher. Others want to be number one on the New York Times bestseller list. Still others are conten...

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10 Favorite Inspirational Spots
These ten spots have inspired me, and one day will all find their way into my writing...if they haven't already. Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington Hidden Falls, Grand T...

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Conversations With My Muse - Writing In My Head Edition
Image in Public Domain as a faithful reproduction of a work of art in the public domain. It’s been awhile since I shared one of my conversations with my muse. Not that my demanding, loud-mouthed muse has been quiet. No, actually she’s been very vocal, and h...

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The Haunted Hearts Series Books 1 - 5 Now Available In a Bundle
The first five books in the Haunted Hearts Series are now available in a five book bundle for $9.99. Separately, the five books cost $12.95. So that's a pretty nice bargain, right? Very soon, I'll be releasing book 6 in the series, the first book in the nex...

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New Release by Chantel Rhondeau - Love's Ride, McCallister's Paradise #4
Title: Love's Ride (McCallister's Paradise - 4) Author: Chantel Rhondeau Release date: November 24, 2015 Genre: Contemporary Romance/Family Saga Romance Brad McCallister has always felt estranged from his family. He thought taking over as manager of their p...

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Cranking Up the Creepy
CHELSEA LANE IS HERE! The final book in the Haunted Hearts Series: Arkansas Hauntings, Chelsea Lane , has just been released. Here's the books description: Searching for a reason to go on living… All her life, Chelsea has suffered feelings of worthlessness ...

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My Top Ten List of Writing Tip Lists
I was searching the internet the other day for blog post ideas because well...honestly I felt my blog had become stale. Posting blog articles had become infrequent. Good ideas had run away from home. Of course, I ran across several posts listing blog post i...
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