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Hey! Who you callin' a titmouse?!

#birds #wildlife #titmouse

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As a child, I remember many times falling asleep to the gentle call of a Mourning Dove. I really love its song, sad or no!

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Blood Moon
This was the best I could do with the 55-300mm and it was the first time I shot in full on manual mode! In fact, it was the the only way it could be captured. Anyway it was so cool to see how brilliantly it shone before the shadow was cast.

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Hog's Back
Spruce Woods Provincial Park - Manitoba
It's a powerful and magical place!

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Bupleurum Dreams
Some may consider me a filler flower but I'll tell ya something...I've got big dreams of my own!

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I Know He's In There! I Just Know He's In There!
This little fox was sniffing out a chipmunk by our garage. Talk about throwing yourself into something. There's not one cell that is not sniffing out Mr. Chipmunk!!

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Lady Merlin
Saw some species of Merlin in the garden this afternoon, that is, this glorious, 80F afternoon! This is not a common bird in these parts. But a few days ago, we received the awful news that my old Regional Mgr. died suddenly and unexpectedly of a stroke. She was only 61yrs. She hired me shortly after we moved to Vermont and was a wonderful mentor.
We both shared a love of the novel, "Mists of Avalon" and were both from the Prairies, she from Kansas and me from Manitoba. Today I couldn't help but think she had something to do with that Merlin showing up in our yard. (Didn't get very sharp shots, but can anyone identify what species it might be? guess is that it's a female Prairie Merlin which would make it even more fitting!!)
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Here's the new Happy Circle, thanks to all the hard work of +Peter Marbaise!
Happy sharing

Peter's circle W18
#peterscircle W18
#TSU invite link

Last circle did 121 reshares ;-) Thank you very good but i'll guess, we can do better ;-) so join the circle

I want to say thank you for all the great content producers, plussers and sharers and share a circle myself, but i deleted a couple of profiles beacuse of not circling back or even share the circle or inactivity for more than 60 days.

I added mainly people convincing with their own content and sorry if i accidentally did not include one or the other ;-) If i did so and you already follow me, plus the post and let me know. But i reduced the circle a little bit by deleting accounts not active for more than 60 days or didn't engage in any form.

If you want to be added in future versions of this circle please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have already added me into your circles
2. Plus, Comment and Reshare the original post to public (URL below) and don't forget to include yourself ;-)


Have fun and keep sharing
Peter Marbaise aka tuxoche

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#petermarbaise #tuxoche #happysharing

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Mama Fox - Ever Vigilant
She's always on the hunt to feed her five little ones and rarely has a moment to rest! Saw her in my garden today with two of her sweet little pups.

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White-throated Sparrow
More and more birds are showing up as Spring lengthens its days. Here's a little cutie that dropped by this morning.
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