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Take a look at this work by Sean Duggan. This guy knows what he's doing. What a fantastic image!!
 Be sure to go to his image and circle him up!
The fire from a controlled burn illuminates a forest in California's Sierra Nevada under a starry night sky

On Monday night I headed up into the Sierras for some night photography. On the drive up, I passed a controlled burn in a section of the forest on Hwy 20 between Nevada City and Interstate 80. I stopped and talked with a couple of Forest Service firefighters who were monitoring the location. This particular burn had been planned for a while and was designed to clear out the underbrush and get rid of "ladder fuels" that make it more likely a fire will get up into the tops of the trees. It was happening on that day because we'd had a stretch of dry winter weather but a week of rain and snow was due to arrive the next day, so they were taking advantage of the weather to put out the smoldering remains of the fire.

I took a few shots in the daylight (it was about 6pm by now) and then continued up the mountain to my planned destination. When I returned that way at about 1am I saw that there were several areas that were still burning. Even though I was very tired and ready for bed, I couldn't pass up such a great opportunity, and I was immediately energized by the possibilities that the location and the interesting light provided. No one was around by this time and the different parts that were still burning were far enough apart that it was possible to hike in a bit from the road to explore different views. it was very eerie to be there among the tall trees with areas of flame visible in many places throughout the forest, flickering and glowing through the smoke (and it was really smokey…my camera strap still smells like smoke!). This area got rain yesterday and is getting snow today (chains are required on this road), so the Forest Service planning worked well for this burn. Hopefully it will make this particular area less prone to a catastrophic fire this summer. This is a vertical "panorama" composite of three horizontal images. More to come from this shoot in the days ahead.

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Heather Kelman

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Oh dear....accidentally deleted this earlier post of a figure in a Buddhist Temple in Taiwan

I posted this one earlier tonight but accidentally deleted it......Sooooo, here it is again--a photo of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. My husband actually took the photo. It's a jpeg and not very sharp but I cropped and post-processed using my newly acquired skills from a course I took with Ron Clifford (  I highly recommend his course, "Layers, Masks & Modes".
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+Patti Colston   He's not but he said that he gets lucky once in a while! haha!! Thank you dear Patti!
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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
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Yeah!  I'm doing that mentorship this month!  Looking forward to the challenge.
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Northern Cardinal

The days are getting longer and the Cardinal's song reminds us that Spring is just around the corner.
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Thank you, +Vinaya Dass!
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Ice Jewels

Here in Vermont we caught the tail end of the ice storm. Four days after and everything is still encased in ice. Even though ice storms cause so much harm, the ice is so spectacular!
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Thanks so much for your kind comments, +Robin Cohen!
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This dove went deep undercover,  but he didn't know he was dealing with an agent provocateur! ; )
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Wow, great find, +Heather Kelman 
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Fight On Manitoba

This was my favourite song as a teenager growing up on the cold, cold prairies... +Ron Clifford, you can't get any more Canadian than this!!
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...only 6 months away!    lol
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Stupa in the Mist

Another photo from my husband's trip to Taiwan. Used my newly acquired blend mode skills with textures!
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Thanks so much, +Mark HELM, +Günter Schurr and +k phelps!
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Heather Kelman

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Girl with Two Cats
This little girl is my niece, and she is very sweet. But with two older brothers, she's nobody's pushover!!
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Welcome to my circle of friends, I wish you a week with many joys and smiles.
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Happy New Year to all my google+ friends. May this next year bring you happiness and a tender heart. May we all make the best choices for our natural ecosystems and our beloved planet!
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+Robin Cohen, what a wonderful way to start the day with all your lovely comments. Thank you!!
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Basic Information
The Nature of this Flower is to Bloom
by Alice Walker

Rebellious. Living.
Against the Elemental Crush.
A Song of Color
For Deserving Eyes,
Blooming Gloriously
For its Self.

This poem makes me think of why I love photography. Just the act of creating something gives me so much joy, and here on google+ I am able to connect with and learn from so many amazing people, amateur and professional alike. What joy!