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Can anyone tell me how I can have the drop shadow and transparency in the whisker menu, just as I can with the panels and windows etc.
Anyway, loving POS7 and that's coming from an Arch user!

So I'd thought I'd take another trip around Antergos. Ran the live version on an install alongside Mint. Cinnamon is my DE of choice and pretty much non-negotiable. All installed fine first time with Cnchi, which is a massive improvement on the last time I tried it out. However, everytime I try to log in with LightDM, I enter my password and it may returns to LightDM after a few seconds. Any ideas? I'm entering the correct password 100%,so that's not it. 

Hi, VLC is always my goto player on my Android devices & my Linux boxes. Any closer to sorting Chromecast support, especially on Android, then I'd never have to use a separate player, for that of which there are many, and go back to solely using VLC?

Please can you hit me up with a link for an apk file of the new premium alpha? I think that's a much easier way to get it out to your loyal users, than waiting for approval from Instagram & Google to approve it. 

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What do you think of endless the polls on Google+
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Useless, pointless clickbait , get rid
Keep em because 1 in a 1000 is useful

Switched my back & recents button around to get ready for when my S7 Edge arrives. Why oh why do Samsung have the buttons the wrong way around?! 

Ok, so I've extensively & thoroughly checked this...If I don't have Google Chrome mobile installed, I do not need Android System Webview installed in the slightest! Provided you have other Browsers(in my case Flyperlink & Dolphin) a lot of my apps work better, and as I'd like them & wouldn't if I had Chrome installed, because I don't get to choose which browser works with them otherwise. Apart from anything else, a lot less resources being used..

Hi Altan and team.
So it's like this...Your great work made my G3(855) into a fantastic device especially from 5.1.1 and so my next prospective device depends completely on RR rom support. So, what sort of time frame am I looking at for a rock solid build for the Nexus 6P (Anglerfish)? I think that's probably gonna be my next handset...

Will RR 6.* be coming to the LG G3 international version 855?

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Oh yeah Altan & Co, you are Legends! 
Altan & the Resurrection Remix team are absolute bosses. I honestly can't see myself wanting to use another rom on my LG G3 anytime soon. RR is hands down the best custom rom I ever flashed...
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