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Jennifer Gunderson
Turning hobbies into careers = my M.O.
Turning hobbies into careers = my M.O.

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Is anyone here? I haven't written or blogged in ages. It's not due to lack of inspiration - thought, discovery or worthy things to share - but, I am struggling to prioritize, organize and get on with the next thing. Let me know if you're listening.

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Saturday Songs: Video Games (Lana Del Rey) - Love the super 8 footage and feel of this "sadcore" sexpot's self-directed video. Bummed I missed her at the Troubadour this week.

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Hey Google+ users add TMZ to your circles!

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Michael J. Fox hasn't missed a beat.

"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it."

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Know your Google meme.

Do a barrel roll -
Google Sphere -
Epic Google -
Google Gravity - *Tilt/Askew* -
Google Loco -
Google Gothic -
Google Pacman -
Google Guitar -
Google Pirate -
Google Rainbow -
Google Reverse -

This has been sitting on my bookmarks folder for a while now. Enjoy.

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Led Zeppelin IV: 40 years old today and still invading our airwaves and playlists.

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The black favicon was way better.

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Find and follow Google+ pages and in Google

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Happy Birthday, TMZ!
TMZ is six-years-old today. Omelets for the staff.

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Why I keep a post-it covering mine ...
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