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G-Shock 16.02: Resurrection of the Positive King
Since the release of the first GXW-56 and GX-56 models, I always loved these "The King of G-Shock"models. I like my watches pretty big and, as you can see, this model is. When the first models were released in July 2010, I couldn’t wait to get the Orange “K...

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G-Shock 16.01: Maharishi II
“He know the moon. He know the star” an’ he knows the Milky Way”. It’s the quote that comes to my mind when I see the second Maharishi G-Shock release. You might know the quote from the title track from the album Microgravity by Biosphere (Geir Jenssen), m...

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Purple Sunrise
Sorry for my absence lately. First two jobs, then change of jobs, loads of other work, meeting a lot of interesting people and maybe a lack of interest in writing. Fact was that during the many years of writing for 50 Gs, I am almost out of Gs to write abo...

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G-Shock 27: My GSC Travel to Thailand prt.. III: A big beer brewery and a nice custom G-Shock.
After the party on May 2nd, I had to go to bed on time, as the program for my last day in Thailand started early. That sunday I woke up actually early and saw that Riley of My G-Shock had tried to contact me. Due to the huge time difference between Philadel...

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G-Shock 24, 25 & 26: My GSC travel to Thailand part II. Craft Beer, Interviews and Patry! Including the G-Shock Collectors Ultimate Limited Custom Set by Todd Piti (2015).
May 2nd, the second day of my short stay in Bangkok. I had a great night rest, which I really needed as I skipped a day on the first traveling day. I strapped on my Singha G-Shock, of course in honor of my host, Todd Pity. The hotel had a great breakfast. Y...

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G-Shock #23: My GSC Travel to Thailand (Part I). Including Special Custom Singha G-Shock.
Half January of this year I received a private message from Todd Piti. He introduced himself as first of all a G-Shock Collector and second as the owner of the Singha Brewery (officially it’s called the Boon Rawd Brewery). Although probably not everyone liv...

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G-Shock #22: Coca Cola
Sometimes you find G-Shocks with prints, where you can't find any info on. This is one of them. I bought this watch a very long time ago. The only reason I bought it was because it was a Coca Cola bottle printed on it. It made me pretty curious. It was on a...

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G-Shock #21: DW-9950 Seaman
In April 1999 Casio released a new Frogman model, the DW-9900. It was not really the successor of the DW-8200 Frogman, as during the time this model was released in several versions, also several DW-8200 type Frogman were released. The last DW-9900 was rele...

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Intermezzo #81: The Seaman Trailer
So, What's next on 50 Gs. Well, I think it's clear in the title of my new trailer. No need to hide it. As this watch wears a bit small on my 7" wrists, I asked my little student Isabelle if she would wear it for a photoshoot. Well, there is was enough mater...

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G-Shock #20: Crazy White, green and bloo.
August 2008 marks a special date for Casio G-Shock. That month Casio decided to bring out series of unusual colors and color schemes under the "Crazy Colors" series flag. A good choice, this first series, launched worldwide, was a huge success. Specially th...
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