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Have you tried Lipsense? Contact me to try some today you will LOVE it!

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I've been doing make up, mostly bridal/weddings for years now and have always loved trying new products and getting my hands on other people to try them out on, but I have never in my life had the urge to sell, or push anything. Probably because I never rea...

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Intentions for 2017
There have been numerous times in my life when I packed up all I could fit into not so big boxes and left a part of me behind. A part of my soul left in my hometown, my University town, the quaint European village I inhabited for nine months, and now all of...

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Annabel Leigh
On November 21, 2016 we welcomed our second baby girl Annabel Leigh, nine days early 7.4lbs 20.5 inches long, into our family. She is an absolute dream of a newborn who nurses, sleeps, and is so patient, as we care for her older sister Scotlyn. There were m...

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Bilateral Strabismus Repair Surgery
All people with Albinism have some degree of vision problems. Scotlyn is very near sighted, she has nystagmus, photophobia, and strabismus. We noticed her nystagmus, the involuntary eye movement, when she very young which led to her diagnosis of Albinism. A...

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I think it's true when they say when you love someone you only remember the good times. Looking back on the past year, as a new mom, with all the normal day to day struggles (plus the added stresses of a genetic condition diagnosis, pediatric hospital trips...

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The Right Fit: Finding a Dayhome
I had so many mixed emotions when my year at home with Scottie was coming to an end. I looked forward to clothes not covered in yogurt and a steady paycheck again, but I knew I would struggle to adapt to a full day without my baby. In her first year of life...

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When Pinterest Prevails
We've all heard of Pinterest fails. Whether its a recipe or craft it never turns out as good, or easily it looks on the internet, but my year at home on maternity leave has left me with time to try out some of these bad boy pins and I recently found three r...

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I try to not have too many expectations. With no expectations my mind and heart can't fail me, or let me down. When Scottie's long awaited ophthalmologist appointment was approaching, the one we waited six months for, I let my guard down. I made a mental li...
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