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I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW :/ I need to blog more! I will work on this. I have lots going on and so much to share. Time is passing by and I want to document the moments. For now I will plan some posts and work on them. I need to get back to writing about my lov...

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Spring Break '16
Oh man Spring break was a blast that flew by in a flash. A
comet of good times one could say. Started the weekend with a yummy grilling
night! We went to the St. Paddy’s Parade in the Delano District in
Wichita. OH my goodness it was SO FUN! EVERYONE in tow...

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Oh to blog
So this blogging is going so hot. LOL I use to blog so much and now when I go to blog I find myself thinking. "MAN I got nothing interesting" or "No one wants to hear about this or that." I really need to just blog for me and my family because we are blesse...

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Currently we are living in a zoo. Let me lay it out for you. INSIDE we have 2 fish, 2 lizards, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Tony has always said he is allergic to cats but has been doing fine for the 1 we have had them. ( we took them in from Jeremy because his girlf...

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Updates and Camp out recap
You will be happy to know Johnny Appleseed is safe and sound in the front yard. Tony talked his sweet talk and they could work around it. I know you were waiting on baited breath about that one. :) Tay was on the Honor Roll this quarter!! So proud of her ha...

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Walks with Her
As I am on this journey to become more healthy and active, I have been taking more walks. Walks are always more fun with company. Baylee is a great walking buddy. She can go for MILES!! We have great talks (she does most of the talking) But I learn a lot ab...

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Johnny Appleseed
When Taylor and I lived in the apartments she LOVED planting any seed we got our hands on just to see if it would grow. Well we planted lemon seeds, avocado seeds, apple seeds. Our apple seed and avocado seed grew. The apple started getting BIG, so we keep ...

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Fall is here people. We have been enjoying the cooler temps with walks around town and walk paths. We have decorated the front of the house but not much in the inside yet. That needs to happen soon because Halloween is right around the corner!  BUT before t...

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Well kids......I turn 35 today! I have had mixed feelings about this birthday. It really hasn't bothered me much but still with a 10th or 5th birthday you always kind of ponder where you life is at and what you thought you would be doing with your life at t...

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Finally after a week of sick not sick I think i am finally feeling back to myself. I HATE feeling sick and basically being under the weather just plain sucks! This Labor Day Holiday was not what I had imagined in my head but hey that is how life goes. I hav...
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