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PMA 4 Ends April 7
The final Progress Monitoring Assessment ends April 7. As with previous PMA periods, you can run reports both at the school and the classroom level. Running the PMA Report at the School Level: Use the school administrative login to access Stride Academy. Cl...

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Stride Newsletter for March
Laissez les bons temps rouler!  South Alabama schools know how to make the good times roll—even while they're learning! Many schools in the southern part of the state enjoy a Mardi Gras holiday, and we were honored to see our Stride super-users participatin...

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What Are Your Success Stories?
The feedback I am getting as I visit schools is that students like Stride. That's good news, because if students like something, they will spend more time with it. You are sure to have some "success storied" to tell. "Success" can be defined in many differe...

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Enter to Win Our "College and Career Ready" Dream Board Contest!
Enter to Win Our "College and Career Ready" Dream Board Contest! "College and Career Ready" —how often do you use or hear these words as an educator? Have you ever paused to ask  what "College and Career Ready" means to your students? For students, those wo...

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Student Success Stories?
We are looking for success stories on individual students who are using Stride. The grant which brings us Stride is renewed each year, and success stories strengthen the application. You can send those stories directly to me . Please also share whole classr...

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Check Out Stride's New Games!
Check Out Stride's New Games! Three exciting new titles to play over Spring Break! From coast to coast, students are itching for Spring Break. Whether they're traveling or relaxing at home, your students can enjoy three new Stride games during their time of...

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PMA4 Starts March 6
The 4th and final Progress Monitoring Assessment begins Monday, March 6. The window ends on April 7. You will probably want for your students to complete the Progress Monitoring Assessment as soon as possible. The sooner the assessment is complete, the soon...

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Customized Instructional Resources and the "Master Answer Key"
I always figure that if one person has a good question, others either have the same question or will soon have that question. This post addresses one such answer key for the "Customized Instructional Resources." You see links to the Customized In...

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Frank Buck commented on a post on Blogger.
Nice list. I use HootSuite instead of Tweetdeck...just personal taste. Feedly puts all new blog posts from sites I follow in one place. I would definitely add If This Then That ( to the list. When I post to Instagram, my post also appears on Twitter with the picture fully formed rather than showing up as just a link.

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How Do I Prevent Cheating on Quizzes?
The Quiz Builder provides an easy way to construct and grade quizzes aligned to Alabama standards. While we covered this capability during the training at each school, the Stride Academy Support Gallery (found on the "Help & Advice" tab) offers additional m...
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