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Free University Education in Germany!
Free University Education in Germany!

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Why study engineering in Germany?

#Engineering plays a very important role in all our lives directly and indirectly from important issues such as developing clean energy systems to as simple tasks such as making a call from your phones! Without engineers and the different fields of engineering, we would be lost without a inevitable matters such as medical devices, transportation and communication which makes our life unimaginably easier and better than how it was as less as 25 years ago! Without engineers and the engineering technology we wouldn’t be able to do many things, such as making your morning tea/coffee, reaching your office or indulging in entertainment through internet, which we otherwise take for granted!

When it comes to the engineering marvels, European countries comes first and namely it is Germany. Germans pride by contributing in today’s society with the best and most reliable technologies from pens to cars and beyond. And when we think about Germany, it instantly comes to us about the state of the art transportation system, automation of industries, reliable and stable economy and last but no the least, the most effective and highly sought after university education. There is no doubt engineers from German universities stand a class apart in skill and knowledge.

Along with the traditional streams of engineering studies, Germany also offers specialized programs in engineering such as Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Production Engineering, Automobile engineering, Automobile Production Engineering, Computer Science, Precision engineering, Industrial engineering, human Computer Interaction, Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical engineering , Information technology , Electrical Power Systems and - renewable energy Resources, Communication and Media Technology, B.Sc. Micro system Engineering, B.Sc. Embedded Systems Engineering, B.Sc. Electromotive, M.Eng. Electronic and Mechatronic Systems, Space Electronics, Laser and Opt technologies, Laser and Photonics, Energy and Raw Material, Sustainable Energy Systems, Chemical Engineering: Molecular & Structural Product Design, B.Sc. and B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering, Medical System Engineering; Miniaturized Biotechnology, Bio systems Engineering, Medicine, Molecular & Developmental Stem Cell Biology, Environmental & Energy Engineering, Environmental process Engineering & recycling , Civil engineering, B.Eng. Textile Structure & Technologies, B.Eng. Logistics, etc. etc.
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Free university education for non-European students in Germany - pathway

If you wish to study a Bachelor or program leading to professional license (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and pharmacology) course in a German Public University, you will need a university entrance qualification, qualification equivalent to German School leaving certificate. These are educational certificates which prove that you are qualified to study at a German University. Depending on your country of origin, couple of semesters of pre-university studies may be additionally required to start your University studies in Germany.
If your educational background does not qualify you for direct entry into a course of study, you will need to attend a preparatory/pre-university course that prepares you academically and linguistically for studies in Germany.
Your educational background

School leaving certificate obtained at the end of 12-year schooling (E.g., CBSE curricula) are not enough for direct entry into any course of study in Germany. This problem can be solved by attending preparatory/pre-university course and by completing the university qualification exam at the end of the semester. If you successfully complete the exam, you may study subjects from a specific subject area.

Language proficiency

The language of instruction in the preparatory course can be German/English based on the institution. But most of the times, in order to be admitted to the preparatory course, you will always need to show adequate proficiency in German. This also applies if, subsequently, you wish to take a bachelor course with English as language of instruction.
The required level of language proficiency, as well as other admission criteria, may vary between universities and between courses of study.
Further criteria

In addition to an appropriate educational background and sufficient language proficiency, there are further criteria for admission to the preparatory course. These admission criteria are set by the individual universities and the preparatory These may include formal application requirements such as deadlines or certification and translation of documents. course. These may include formal application requirements such as deadlines or certification and translation of documents.

Pathway to University
If you wish to study a Bachelor program, based on the course selection, university admission is possible before travelling to Germany to start the Language/preparatory course on a conditional basis of fulfillment of the university criteria

If you wish to study a program that leads to professional license, university admission will be possible ONLY AFTER successful completion of the language and preparatory program in Germany - Medium of instruction is almost always German; however, the universities advice the student to have adequate proficiency in English as the relevant reference materials are only available in English, e.g., Medical Studies
International students intending to study any university program are given exceptions based on course selected and medium of study offered; however, these exceptions are granted purely on case by case matter and criteria varies with course to course and across universities.
Example – Students who successfully completed CBSE curricula and qualified the advanced level IIT-JEE are allowed not to attend the preparatory course for relevant programs in the field of scientific technologies, subject to university admission committee decision
University education in German Public universities is highly subsidized for International students, costing almost nothing most the times. However, for students who are not qualified to start university education immediately, requiring to take language and preparatory course will have to have provision to pay for the language/preparatory year as required (Highly variable based on the course and location of study in Germany). International students are also required to have definite amount of money (~ EUR 8640.00) in their account for proof of financial support for personal expenses
Application deadlines may depend on your chosen course of study, your nationality, or the country in which you attained your educational certificates. Many courses start only in the winter semester, not in the summer semester.
Almost all university processing time will be minimum 8 to 12 weeks and in some cases more than 16 weeks based on the intake dates and university criteria.
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Ibn Al Hytham Islamic School, Bahrain
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Bangladesh School, Kanoo Garden, Bahrain
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ISB Career Fair 2017, Indian School Bahrain
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