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Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 14.04 : Comparison and Review
Introduction to Windows and Ubuntu Windows 7 is a product of Microsoft. It was released in 2009.Windows 7 is a very beautiful, customizable, fast and the best product of Microsoft (I think). Windows 7 is made for desktops and mobiles. Windows 7 phone was th...
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Can any one hack Ubuntu Linux?
Technically yes, but it's difficult to do. Also remember that most
Linux computers that are hacked are servers. Assuming you have a
desktop, you should be very secure. Because your computer isn't going
to be controlled remotely, it by default denies i...
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How to make 100$ a day for free with Probux and Neobux
ProBux & Neobux As soon as I got started with ProBux and Neobux, I knew I was going to make some money. Not by doing “tasks” or by completing awfully boring surveys, or winning anything, but by clicking ad's everyday, and earning rented referrals while coll...
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How to open,Unlock or unblock youtube in 4 minutes without any installation
Youtube is the most popular website created on 14 February 2005. Its rank is third on the Internet . Youtube have million of videos. Users can upload,view and share videos. But Youtube is blocked in some countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. All the peo...
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Top 5 highest paying alternatives of Google Adsense
Google Adsense is an online advertisement or pay-per-click website .
Google Adsense released in June 18, 2003. You can earn money with
Google Adsense. Google Adsense gives many types of ads to his publishers
and Publishers put those ads on their website....
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How to buy a domain and install WordPress for free
A website is a location connected to Internet the that maintains one or more web pages.To open a website you need to type its URL in a web browser e.g etc.You need some money to buy a website domain and then host it, but today I am going to...
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Some times you install a new Operating System like window XP.After installation you try to open Twitter,Gmail or Facebook in a web browser but you do not see your required page and see a message like “Server Security Certificate is not yet valid”.  Then you also try to open the page by clicking on “continue anyway” but the result is same.

This error occurs due to incorrect date and time of your computer.By synchronizing your system clock you can solve this problem.
I will tell you the best solution of this problem.Just follow these steps given below and after completion you will be able to open any website like Facebook, yahoo and Gmail etc.

   1. Click on Start Menu and then control panel. 

   2.Open Date/Time setting 
   3.Adjust correct date and time according to your region. 
   4.Open "Internet Time Zone" tab.  
  5.Click on "Update Now" button. After clicking on button, It will start synchronizing your internet server timing. 
   6.After 7-8 seconds you will see a message, "The time has been successfully synchronized with on 07-07-2013 at 5:09PM and you done.
2.How to set up your PTCL modem's setting in pakistan
First go to the and then type ''admin'' in username box and ''admin'' in password box
second in VPI/VCI Settings in 1st box select pakistan and in 2nd box select 0/103
third in PPPOE User Name box type your phone number with 2 symbols like fk sd etc(the phone number and symbols are given in the modem pox provided by ptcl)
Forth in PPPOE Password: box type ptcl
fifth in Key box type your wi-fi password and then click save 
congrats you done its so easy.I hope you like it.
3.How to change your PTCL router password admin to another
First open your browser and type your default username and password is admin.
Second go to advance setting on the left top corner.
Third go to management and then access control
Forth select password and then type admin in old password box.
Fifth type your new password in new password box and retype it in confirm password box save it and enjoy it.
Now you changed your new password.I hope you like it.
4.How to remove ads from a website like Facebook,YouTube etc 
If you want to remove video ads or remove unwanted ads from a page do not worry.just Follow these steps.
First open Google chrome and open the options (three lines at the left top corner) and go to tools and select extensions.Second click at get more extensions.
Third type ad block plus and the results click at free on adblock plus.
Congratulations you done restart Google Chrome and open a YouTube videos or any page without any ad.
5.Change theme of Google chrome:
Changing the look of Google Chrome can make your web browsing experience a bit more fun and personal. To change the look of Google Chrome, all you need to do is select a theme that will change the background of your web browser. If you want to know how to change the look of Google Chrome, just follow these easy steps.First open google chrome web browser. If you don't have Google chrome download from  here.Second go to this link select theme from the right sidebar.
Third choose the theme that you like the most  and click free download.Wait while it download and install your theme and automatically apply to your browser.Congratulations you done.It will change your web browsing experience.
5 Tips and Tricks for Internet
5 Tips and Tricks for Internet
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