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Sally Slaughter
A very thankful ransomed soul! ✞
A very thankful ransomed soul! ✞
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Faith in our Creator and coming around in our thinking as His Word says that every human being on earth should think would end any need for any marching, the destroying of property that isn't one's own, the censoring of free speech that some might find offensive and/or assaulting, suing and declaring war against any citizen of the United States of America and would bring a breath of fresh air to the U.S and would also encourage the whole world. If not - guess we're left with only our own worshipped selves. Might appear harsh but it's honestly how I see things The division in this country is unnecessary and foolish folly. We cannot ignore God's truth while choosing to embrace even one ounce of truth in foolishness like Gore's global warming farce. We're all citizens of the UNITED States of America and we all need to get that.

I bet the "Meet the Press" writers were up all night so Chuck Todd would have enough liberal BS questions to have his "guests" answer. If they ever decide to out the enormous amount of liberal wrong doings, this show might actually be worth one's time to watch. SMH

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A pathetic soul is Soros - if he's ever had one. I pray for him, often.

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One of my favorite podcasts and I thank God for it.

Hang in there, everyone. The Great I AM, God Almighty, is still on His throne. Keep on loving, hoping and trusting in Him. Life is good! ❤ in ✞

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Originally Shared by David Johnson

So, apparently this Unicorn Frap thing that Starbucks is doing this week is just straight up sugar - 59 grams in the grande, if I'm reading this right. According to this article, that's ~1.5 times the max amount of sugar you're supposed to have in a single day. The article also provides these examples for comparison:

• One 12-ounce can of Coca Cola has 39g of sugar.
• One Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar has 24g of sugar.
• One Twinkie has 16.5g of sugar.
• One serving of Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter Core ice cream has 27g of sugar.
• One serving of Frosted Flakes has 10g of sugar.

Think I'm gonna pass on this one. I'd also advise not giving it to your kids unless you have a death wish (or you're sending them off for an outing with family members you aren't particularly fond of).

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So much we'll never know or grasp in life making our daily info diets restricted to our like-minded peers and maybe the MSM. So thankful God created us as individuals who can and should think for ourselves. God bless Hollywood for God's glory.
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