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OMG, Google+ -- HELLO. 

Can you please tell me who is reading this and using this platform?

I need to add mas people to my circles. So just be like "Hey Joelle, I am xx, and I do xx, and I love xx, and Google+ is useful for ____."

Cool? Cool.

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App-etizing stuff. Also, puns are sometimes a terrible idea.
The very best branded apps remain loyal to the company's goals and image while offering engaging content to keep users coming back. Check out the most notable examples in our blog:

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Don't ask me out via LinkedIn. Don't ask me out at all. 
A hot topic these days is #LinkedIn and its #privacy settings. Believe it or not, people (mainly women) are being targeted and sexually harassed. Things are so out of hand that petitions with more than 8,000 supporters, as well as a Tumblr with a number of inappropriate LinkedIn messages shared via screen shots have been created. 

What do you think of this behavior? Have you had a similar experience? Discuss!

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Signet is making me fat but I still love these guys. Wanna know how we get down with hot dogs? Take a look. (No one was down for a hot dog eating contest, booooo.)
It's no secret that Houston is a city full of great restaurants, so we always make sure to celebrate food holidays accordingly. Today is National Hot Dog Day, and we took one for the team by visiting all of our favorite spots to give you our recommendations on the best of the best. Take a look! 

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It's Friday, let's play.
We're now in the voting stage for paragraph 3, see the comments below.

When Aimee showed up to the teeny-tiny and wooden house in the middle of the night, everyone was asleep, preparing for the first big day of SxSW. She rang the doorbell. It sounded like a cooing platypus. The door opened, and Joelle screamed. She couldn’t believe Aimee was carrying a salty rocket. She popped open a bottle of purple drank, knowing her restful slumber was over.

In uncertain times, Aimee knew the best way to bribe Joelle was with her favorite sushi roll, the Salty Rocket. After a few sips of Purple Drank (who bought this stuff anyway?), Joelle started to feel shiny. Aimee started to speak slowly. “I have a boiling idea, but it’s going to require hard work and probably a few moustaches.” Joelle nodded owlishly. What Aimee didn’t know was that Joelle had a surprise up her own sleeve. She reached for her phone and dialed Mr. T.
For the last set of words, here's what we need to end the story!


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I was sitting right next to Tim not sharing my notes via Google+.
Interesting tidbits at SXSW: Your Brain on Multi-Tasking +Peter Bregman, +Adam Gazzaley and David Meyer)

- Don't do paperwork while skydiving. Task analysis: Identify tasks that are compatible or conflicting with one another and figure out where interference / interruptions are coming from. This fucks with your memory. Pay attention! Your memory is already turning to shit.

- The older you get the more distracted you get. Stop aging!

- The pre-frontal cortex is the "bouncer" of the brain. Don't let it get too high in demand or performance will dampen, the wrong people will get in the club, shit will get crazy and costs will go up.

- What does a cow drink? Don't fuck this up.

- Your behavior is dictated by your environment. Create environmental changes and put distractions out of reach. Don''t keep alcohol in the front seat of the car. Drive at least 95mph to help avoid texting.

- Create an ignore list. But don't put your mom on this list.

- Check your progress once an hour for ONE minute. Set a freaking alarm and remind yourself to do this. Accomplish more.

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Make sure you're following Black Sheep, y'all. Please? We're fabulous.

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Okay so, we're obviously a little rusty on mad libs. It's just that we get a little excited when people mention word games, and you can't fault us for that.

Let's try this again.

Drum roll, please

The story is titled Late Night Visitor, and here's what we need from you:

1- Adjective A
2- Adjective B
3- Adjective C
4- Animal
5- Adjective D
6- Noun
7- Drink

So give us your answers in the comments below and we'll reveal the story on Tuesday, the 6th. Vote on your favorite answers/story by Thursday the 9th, and we'll ask for the next set of words on Friday the 10th.

All right? Now, let's play.
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