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Frontend web developer, Drupalista, photographer
Frontend web developer, Drupalista, photographer
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If you haven't already done so, I highly suggest getting your +Devsigner tickets right away. We're ordering the t-shirts tomorrow, so now's your chance to get one in your size!

They're going to have "Drupal Fett" on them. :)

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It's happening :-)
Save the date!

This year's Devsigner will be held June 27-28 at PNCA's newly renovated Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design on 5th and Broadway in downtown Portland.

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This is (one reason) why I love working from home.

"If employers want to make the open-office model work, they have to take measures to improve work efficiency. For one, they should create more private areas — ones without fishbowl windows.  Also, they should implement rules on when interaction should be limited. For instance, when a colleague has on headphones, it’s a sign that you should come back another time or just send an e-mail.  And please, let’s eliminate the music that blankets our workspaces.  Metallica at 3 p.m. isn’t always compatible with meeting a 4 p.m. deadline.

"On the other hand, companies could simply join another trend — allowing employees to work from home. That model has proven to boost productivity, with employees working more hours and taking fewer breaks. On top of that, there are fewer interruptions when employees work remotely. At home, my greatest distraction is the refrigerator."

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How to Procure Your Own Real Christmas Tree

Step 0: Live in an evergreen-rich region
Step 1: Get mad at Google for its detached and generic direction
Step 2: Ask smart, experienced friends for advice
Step 3: Gather supplies #
Step 4: Find a place that has trees (requires more research, Yelp won this one)
Step 5: Choose a day that's not rainy
Step 6: Call the tree farm to make sure they have trees, are open, and if they help with cutting, tying, etc.
Step 7: Find free manual labor
Step 8: Capture the tree ##
Step 9: Catch a draft behind a semi on the way back
Step 10: Get the unwieldy bundle into the house and put it in some water
Step 11: Take a break, eat something and check Facebook
Step 12: Put the tree in its stand and agonize over whether it's straight or not
Step 13: Decorate with others while playing Christmas music

# Supplies:
- A vehicle, preferably motorized though props if you use a horse
- Twine, strong and probably synthetic is best
- Tarp
- Work gloves
- Hand saw (rumor has it there are other sorts of blades that would work)
- Something to kneel on (if you don't like getting muddy)
- Flannel and other appropriate attire
- Boots
- Red flags for ends that stick out and to mark potentials
- Camera
- Tree base / holder
- Decorations

## Capturing the tree:
- This seems to vary based on luck. I have found no strictly hard-work approach as my luck appears to be good so far.
- Smile at the people at the tree farm. Smiles work wonders.
- Set aside enough time to unhurriedly fight with the saw and trunk.
- Twine is better than rope because then you can put it through the door so you don't have to climb in and out through the windows.
- Learn how to tie a good knot. (There's an app for that.)

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Playing it comfy tonight

One takeaway I got from the "Sweatshops, Justice, and the Way of Jesus" talk I attended tonight is that I can't fix all the deep, tangled evils of the world. But I can keep myself from participating in injustice and even help right some wrongs. It begins with refusing the bliss of ignorance and continues into small, thoughtful choices.

Questions for myself: Is this thing I want worth the forced labor of an abused child? Is it ever inadvisable to simply buy less stuff? Am I willing to pay more and live with less to promote ethical production practices (not just human labor, but animal treatment and environmental stewardship)? Furthermore, while its easy to condemn companies that profit from injustices, am I treating the people I work with fairly and compassionately?

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I'm not much for going ga-ga over celebrities, but this adorable guy is a worthy exception. His name is Duncan Lou Who and he's a boxer with only two legs. I got to meet and snuggle with him today at Portland's Saturday Market - he's such a sweetie!

He was rescued and currently lives with Panda Paws Rescue, based in Vancouver, WA: Yay for kindhearted people!

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+Greg Dunlap addressing good, hard stuff about our Drupal community at the +Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

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The +Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit is underway! Here's a shot of the code sprinting earlier today.

More fun and learning to come tomorrow and Sunday. :-) I'm excited to be part of making this happen.
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