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So here is something neat. In a bout of pure masochism I am going to have a new campaign starting that will be the third part in my on going story that takes place in the world of Dolva.

I figured I would give people that listen to BND an opportunity to get in on this action and join in the fun.

Getting ready to play some BND tonight, can't wait to see what kind of trouble we manage to get ourselves into.

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Hey folks it's Glennish! As you may have heard in this last episode Al talked about my site  which is full of great info for new players and veterans alike. Full of tips and tricks on a variety of subjects I am trying to establish a place where people can come and discuss topics. It is my belief that the more info we have out there the better the game will be. So take a look! I have enlisted the aid of some other writers (including Al) so we are going to have some different takes on the game.

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