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Content Marketing - 2014 Projections [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since social media entered the marketing landscape, it has been the preferred tool of content marketers to drive traffic and leads to their business.

According to +Get Smart Content study, social media is the number one tactic of content marketers, favoured by 87 percent.

Along with social media, B2B marketers use 12 different content marketing tactics, including blogs, case studies, videos, infographic, etc. to achieve their digital marketing goals.

See more stats in below infographic that looks how B2B organizations personalize content and content marketing projections for 2014.

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"Somebody happy who had already lived a full, contented life.  That's how I feel now." - Nathan Allen

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Snapchat's unopened messages can be shared with police
Are You Comfortable Showing Your Face & Name In Google Ads? If Not, Here Is How to Prevent It
Are You Comfortable Showing Your Face & Name In Google Ads? If Not, Here Is How to Prevent It

Hi there, you might have seen that notification too, from Google this morning, about their service policy update ( It says there is a chance your face and name could be soon featured in Google Ads.

I don't know how you take it, but I'm sure millions of G+ users wouldn't be comfortable showing their profile name and photo  in Google Ads.

So if you don't want to show your face, here is how to do it.

Simply click this link and *remove the tick mark" where it says "Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads." and click Save. That's it :-)

#googleupdate   #googleprivacy   #adspolicyupdate  

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Jobvite (a social recruiting platform) surveyed more than 1,600 recruiting and human resources professionals and found that:

#LinkedIn is still the social network most used by recruiters to find and monitor potential job candidates, but Facebook and Twitter are used more often by employers seeking to showcase their brands.

Take a look at the #infographic and know more about The State Of #SocialRecruiting in 2013.

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This is as easy as I can explain it.

Boom. SEO for dummies.  Do this and don't do that.  Done.  Happy New Year.

And why am I working on Sunday!  Perhaps this is a cry for help LOL.

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It's so great! I love it
We just need think positive
We can see everything is possible! :-)

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How to create an Infographic
Hey there SEO'ers, would you like to know how to create an infographic? Here is my latest infographic explaining infographic design. Full version:

#infographic     #socialmediamarketing     #graphicdesign  
Top Content Marketing Trends in 2014
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