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joanna marie villalva
Passionate for Beauty , Fashion & Photography
Passionate for Beauty , Fashion & Photography

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Paddle Brush Set | REVIEW
Hello everyone! I'm back with another review, today's review is about these paddle brush set. It's already been a trend to the beauty community and I wanted to have one for myself. So i searched through online shops were I could get me these paddle brushes....

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KJM Cosmetics Lip Cheek Tint | Review & Swatch
Hey guys! I am back with a another review and it's one of my current favorites at the moment. I am the type of person who is on the go and has minimal of time to get prepped and pretty, I have less time to do my makeup but obviously I really don't go out an...

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F21 Cosmetics Feature & Shades | REVIEW
Hey everyone! Welcome to another review, this time I'll be reviewing a palette from my all time favorite local cosmetics brand here in the Philippines which is F21 Fashion 21 . So let's begin. Recently I purchased a palette from f21 cosmetics but this palet...

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Zoeva Rose Golden Palette | REVIEW & SWATCH
Hello everyone! Today I'll be reviewing the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette. I bought this from a online shop one of my all time favorite from  NU_U_BYJC owned by Miss Jacklyn Chong and she sells a lot of zoeva brushes and that's were I got my Sigma Warm Neutrals...

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EverBilena HAUL
Hey everyone! I have got a haul to share with you guys and these are my top favorite local brand here in the Philippines and it's everbilena Cosmetics. I was at the mall just doing my regular thing window shopping and could not resist to check what's new on...

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Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick | REVIEW & SWATCH
Hello everyone! Here's my review on the Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick, honestly I have read some good positive feedbacks on these liquid matte lipsticks, from each shades I have seen I wanted to have one for myself but it is way too expensive,...

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Affordable Lip Products to Share
Hello everyone! It's me Joanna and I'm back again to share some lip products that I recently purchased from a online shop called sissyshoppe you can find them on instagram and facebook as well  . I purchased ten (10) i...

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Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette | Review & Swatch
  Hello everyone! Currently I made a new tutorial and it was the Warm Neutral Halo Eye Makeup and for the eyeshadows I used the Sigma Warm Neutrals  Palette. I got this from a online shop on instagram from @NU_U_BYJC owned by Miss Jacklyn Chong. She has Zoe...

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Wet n wild Pink Lipsticks | REVIEW & SWATCH
Hey guys! I got a few  lipsticks to share with you but before everything I got them for two reasons, one, I actually got them like so last year but hadn't opened and used them, two (2), lucky for me it's the year of pantone pastel colors, so these lipsticks...

Post has attachment | HAUL
DISCLAIMER: Before proceeding with my haul, I bought these items because they were on sale and I am not sponsored to do this blog about each item I show, instead I want to share what I got from the website. Plus I gave each my own opinion about how the prod...
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