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Angela Goodeve
Helping you down the path to your goals!
Helping you down the path to your goals!

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How to Live a Truly Abundant Life...choose what speaks to, and start loving life!! Love and blessings for 2016!!

Check out this video on YouTube:

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This post is dedicated to all of our Brothers and Sisters who are living in poverty from the homeless to the working poor~ May you be happy, healthy, safe and secure, and have a peaceful life of ease

+Blog Action Day #BAD15   ‪#RaiseYourVoice ‪#WorldFoodDay PLEASE SHARE, Say a Prayer, Show you Care!

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Excert from #blogpost :

By asking ourselves:

How does this fit in with my values, and if not, how can I ensure that I am approaching this from all of my core values?

How would I show up in this situation, circumstance, with this person person, and in making this decision is I was coming from a place of love, within myself, and the pure love I know is within them?

How can I approach this situation, person, information and circumstance from a place of higher good for myself, others and the world?

By asking ourselves these questions, from a quiet place of self-reflection and openness to our higher self, we have a framework to live our lives with more simplicity, ease, and grace;

We ensure that we are contributing each day to ourselves and others happiness, health, safety/security, peace and lives of ease!

+Sara Troy

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Awww ... Nothing is as relaxing to me as watching ripples on the water!!

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Angela Goodeve commented on a post on Blogger.
Excellent points to remember, reflect on, and put into practice!! ... So important!!! 

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What do you do to stay positive and inspired?

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Check out this video on YouTube: A beautiful, inspiring message!!

Thanks @AngelSouls444 !!!! :-)

Just breath, stay focused on what's important, and open to wonderful opportunities!! xoxo
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