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Free Coffee Service Quotes Right to Your Inbox

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MINNEAPOLIS — With temperatures expected in the low 30s for Friday night’s first pitch between Minnesota and the New York Mets, the Twins are offering something to warm things up at Target Field.

The team announced Friday afternoon that it will provide free coffee and hot chocolate to fans at Friday night’s game. The warm beverages will be available at all of Target Field’s five gate entrances.

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Brewing coffee is a neverending science project, according to barista Sam Penix, owner of Everyman Espresso in New York City. Grind-size, brew method, coffee beans (which are really seeds), water temperature can all affect the flavors that end up in your cup. Harold McGee, author of On Food and Cooking, explains some of the chemistry of coffee.

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Top coffee baristas duke it out for national championship 
Fifty of the nation’s best get 15 minutes to make and serve four espresso, four cappuccinos and four signature beverages to a panel of ju

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