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As of now there are 6 names on the Democratic side and 11 on the Republican side who want the office. This primary should be big time fun next year.
Wow! This is really cool! Last night the American Federation of Teachers asked me to be one of five people to be on the Governor's Endorsement Committee! I will be one of the people who will be speaking with candidates and deciding who the AFT should endorse as the next Governor of CT!

Anybody else having trouble accessing Twitter?

My teachers always suggested I try to learn at least one new word every day to expand my knowledge. I have a new word for our president to learn. It's "impeach".

I heard President Trump went to an Episcopal church while in Florida yesterday. Upon leaving, he denied the Resurrection, calling it "fake news".

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I've already promised my wife that I would wake up with a "heart on".

I am all in favor of the wall on the Mexican border as long as part of the deal is to put our president on the other side of it PERMANENTLY.

The sad thing is this dynamic duo will take the rest of us with them. I can see a nuclear war within the next four years.

How sad!  After 146 years Ringing Brothers circus is closing (May 21 is the last performance).  I always loved it when my parents took me to the circus at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Even as an adult I loved the circus.  Big Apple Circus closed last year.  I guess the circus as an adventure for kids will be over. 

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The Sterling House Basketball League high school divisions begin play today, with 1 game in the JV division, followed by 4 games in the Varsity Division.  There are 9 teams in the Varsity Division and 3 teams in the JV division.  Games are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through mid March.  Results and standings can be found at  There is no admission charge for the games.

At this time of year when we Christians thank God for giving us a savior, I like to reflect on the things for which I am thankful.  Let's begin with I was able to get out of bed and be functional.  Then there's the fact I have a roof over my head (completely paid for), food on the table, good health, and most of all my best friend, the one who believes in me and keeps me going, my wife.  I AM TRULY BLESSED!
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