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Another wrinkle in #selfdriving cars: highway infrastructure. The author asks who’ll pay the tab for renewing/rebuilding/creating this infrastructure. Hmmm...self-drivers or not, the US highway infrastructure is aged and will have to be attended whether human-driven or autonomous cars are on the road. 

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Bandaras & Baldwin will make a good lookin’ pair of rivals in a new biopic about #AutoLegend Feruccio Lamborghini & Enzo Ferrari, respectively. Book was written by Lamborghini’s son, and the #CarMovie is rumored to be revealed at the Cannes Film Festival. 

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#AutoSafety | Weather intense these days...with more predicted. Especially thinking of our Car Clinic listeners & friends in the Midwest with tornado threats this weekend. Meanwhile, in Colorado, drivers were pummeled by golf-ball-sized hail. 

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Ring of Fire: I’ll end today’s posts with this one ‘cause I can’t top hot video from the ‘Ring. 

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I must be in a dream! I thought buying toy cars in a vending machine was a treat, but wow, look at this. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsches and more hot wheels in Autobahn Motors Singapore showroom. 

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Average #gasprice in US this wk: $2.37/gal (about same as last wk). Last May: $2.24. Fill Up and Drive!

Q&A on #TipTuesday: Listener Asked, #AutoExpert Answered


2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Transmission problems: Replaced fluid & filters. All shift except 2nd to 3rd. 3rd just revs up. It was fine, then this just started while riding down the road.

Thank you for any help, Bobby!
Niki R.




Dodge transmissions have had issues with shift solenoids, valve bodies and other deeper internal problems. We recently installed a Jasper reman unit after learning the cost of the parts (and labor) mentioned above exceeded more than 60% of a reman trans assembly. Our customer had taken great care of his transmission as he towed a large trailer cross country. He was especially pleased when he learned our PreRepair® service plan paid the first $1,000 of his trans repair.

I believe you may be facing similar circumstances so highly recommend having a local ASE-Certified Master Technician perform pressure and scan tests which will provide you with the specific information you must have in order to make an educated repair decision. I suspect internal problems. You might also want to check local recycling yards for best price vs. miles used. Always buy a used unit with a warranty of some type. We offer 1-year parts and labor form our Car Clinic customers who want used units.


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Would you kindly do us the honor of your vote for Best of the Bay 2017 – as you honored us in 2010-2016? Click the link/graphic below. Then look for **Best Auto Service Shop** and **Best Oil Change** and click on “Bobby Likis Car Clinic.” We appreciate your vote and look forward to delivering Best-Of Customer Service to you for years to come! Thank you! 

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Who’s your newest backseat driver? You! Now #Waze users on Android smartphones can hear their own voices give themselves directions. Cool. 
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