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AMHA is hosting a high school hockey team from China and will be scrimmaging against them from 11:30-1:45 on Saturday January 30th

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GAM - Google Apps Manager - got a new big feature yesterday.  

GAM version 3.51 adds the ability to delete email messages from user accounts in your domain.  You can specify which email accounts to look in, and you can search for messages to be deleted by using the same syntax as you would use in the Gmail search box.

GAM also now has several features related to Google Classroom.

Get the installation files and read installation instructions -

AuroCrat Question:

With AutoCrat, Is it possible to have one spreadsheet that will put data into different templates based in data submitted to the spreadsheet?

I have a form that collects information and the first question sends the person filling out the form to a different set of questions based on their choice. (ie: I choose "Sawyer" and it takes me to questions related to "Sawyer"). In this form there are three initial options, so I would like AutoCrat to merge data into three different template GDocs.

Here is what I know (I think):
I can use the "Merge Condition" to only merge a certain selection. 
I can't filter the information into different tabs and then run AutoCrat on the tabs individually as the script is connected to the whole sheet and not the tab.

So where do I go from here. I would like this to be automated and generate the merged template on submit.

Thoughts? Possible?

--Karl Hehr

Is it possible in a custom script to read info from another Gsheet? For example. I have a spreadsheet of class rosters. Depending on who is using the sheet (grabbing username as variable already) I would like the roster to show up in a ListBox. Thanks!
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