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This blog is moving and will be continued on  which is much more hacker-friendly blog engine these days.

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December here is stunning

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People 101
After a long stretch of working from a cave, I am discovering the joys and horrors of working with a team of multiple people and one robot. How does one function? Where is the manual to people ? I am still looking for a good one. In the meanwhile, some fiel...

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I am joining Tachyus F# team starting next week, and moving to San Mateo, CA. I am both excited and a little sad. During my time at IntelliFactory I learned pretty much all the skills I now have as a programmer. I met, worked with and learned from amazin...

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UI.Next available
UI.Next  is available for experimentation as a public WebSharper.UI.Next NuGet package. You can build examples  from source  - just get WebSharper first. UI.Next addresses most shortcomings we felt WebSharper had for single-page JavaScript applications. The...

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The fatal attraction of FRP
For about a year or so, I have made Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) taboo. I cringed at every mention of it. I think this was a mental self-defense reaction, my extended immune system was sending me a signal that I spent too much time thinking about ...

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Dangers of react and VirtualDom
This is a brain dump from a Twitter/IRC discussion with @panesofglass and @bryanedds. So there is this brand-new thing called Facebook React and hype wave about Virtual DOM. I only skimmed this library, but here are some reasons why I remain sceptical: Iden...

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Does syntax matter? Or how I started progrmamming.
How I started programming: well there was some Basic, Pascal and PHP, but I started getting serious only after encountering and trying to understand Haskell, while doing grad school for an unrelated subject. Haskell challenged me, somehow. It looked like no...

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Concurrent ML and HOPAC
One of these days I got a hold of a copy of Concurrent Programming in ML by John Reppy, an excellent book. One of the many virtues: it is the missing documentation piece for Concurrent ML (CML) system, explaining design motivations and giving helpful exampl...

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Last word in .NET build systems
Has not been said yet, I do not think. In the F# world you may be looking at: MSBuild FAKE IntelliFactory.Build I am not going to do a detailed pro/con analysis of these just yet, but note that every one of them is currently missing abstractions relevant fo...
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