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Gary Helps
Life in Transition: I have learned not to reinvent myself but to rediscover what it is I am.
Life in Transition: I have learned not to reinvent myself but to rediscover what it is I am.

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Offbeat Snare
Another departure in styling is indicated by this unique pendant created in the guise of a chrome-finished, recycled and repurposed snare drum. The piece measures 22" in diameter and has a depth of 26" but can be shortened to accommodate a lower ceiling if ...

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Steampunk Fantacy
A new steampunk-oriented variation on the fan theme, this fixture measures 22" on the width with a depth of 28". It is comprised of the chrome fan cage, drum kit pieces, many brass and steel elements from vintage fixtures, pressure gauges from a German resp...

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New Heights in Lights
From chandeliers, sconces, table and pendant types, I present my latest foray into fixture diversity, floor lamps. This one’s comprised of an elegant 20’s deco base and an assortment of other era’s decorative elements comes this unique 

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Expanding on the theme, this piece is comprised of two floor lamp trilight elements and a custom designed and fabricated socket structure plus a 14" fan cage. Supplied with the usual decorative chain and canopy ready to mount.

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New Height in Lights
From the ground up, I present yet another categorical departure in fixture diversity. This floor lamp

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13" deep by 12" wide - 4' long with canopy and chain  In my persistent pursuit of the atypical and unique for its transformation into illuminable hardware, nothing appears to be sacred as verified by this visually breezy pendant piece. Aside from the chrome...

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Shining Example
31" deep by 11" wide, 4' deep with chain and canopy. Click to enlarge photo. One of the many enjoyable aspects of creating these fixtures is the rediscovery of the original patina of aging pieces of brass. Just as satisfying is the coincidence with which to...

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Light Medication
24" deep by 14" wide, 4'with chain and canopy. Click to enlarge photo. The central structure of this particular piece is a well disguised vintage medicinal epothecary jar embellished with various and sundry metallic paraphernalia including a hanging oil lam...

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Everything Old is New Again
Being one of my favourite sources of illumination, I never thought I’d have considered converting a hanging oil lamp to electric but I was excited by the prospect of applying this new twist to an old theme. By inverting the arms formerly hanging below the s...

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Modern Fluted Glass Pendant
This fixture is a conversion of an older industrial unit to something slightly more exotic. Maintaining its original glass shade, 3 rod and ring support mechanism, it is comprised of a 60’s inverted chromed ceiling mount, an equally shiny cylindrical lamp h...
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