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I am one of WIRED Italy's 50 people of 2014.

At 27, I'm before Matthew McConaughey, Taylor Swift, and Stephen Hawking, but after Jennifer Lawrence and Laverne Cox.

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Today, at The Intercept, I published an article on spy software linked to US and British intelligence agencies. 

Shortly afterwards a Dutch MEP tweeted that it had been discussed in European Parliament.(

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I am (somewhat inexplicably) rocking the French fashion-magazine world. 

Yesterday, I was in Marie Claire (,regarder-des-videos-de-chats-serait-dangereux,720951.asp). Today, I'm in Glamour Magazine! 

I... I am confused. 

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My last couple of months work is on the front page of the Washington Post today and it reads like a spy novel.

I've been investigating the involvement of a US Department of Defense contractor in prototyping a surveillance technology implicated in human rights abuses around the world.

I'm glad it's out. 

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Sex, Drugs, and Human Rights.

For the last couple of years, as an adjunct to my day jobs, I've worked as a researcher for the Citizen Lab, at the University of Toronto. This is a think-tank at the intersection of digital media, global security, and human rights.

Last night, Ars Technica published this epic, sprawling profile of the 'Lab which tells the story of its inception in 2001 to the present day.

Yes, that's right, Citizen Lab was doing this whole 'hacktivism' thang before it was cool.

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There's a fantastic mis-spelling / mis-quote in this interview I did for the International Business Times:

"I think that there's a greater standard of transparency that [police forces] need to be beholden to, to the pubic. We don't actually expect spies to be transparent with us but the police aren't spies."

See, I think I've always wanted to say that police should be beholden to the body pubic.

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In which I speak to the Guardian about the so-called 'digital arms' race and the escalating use of surveillance software against citizens.

'Human rights activists aren’t impressed. “What is worrying is that much of this offensive digital capability is being sold as lawful intercept software in countries where rule of law is not robust,” says Citizen Lab researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire'

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The Deputy Prime Minister of Germany is proposing restrictions on the export of German-made surveillance technology.

I spoke to Germany's largest daily news paper about my research into the abuses of this technology during the Arab Spring and beyond. 

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The video of my re:publica talk -- "Fear and Loathing on the Internet" -- in which I wear a suit, show slides of my little pony drones, pictures of cats, and talk about the Internet's 'Bat Country' and 'double bagging', is now online.

(FWIW, this is a cut above the usual production values for talks I've given. They had multiple cameras, this is actually edited... it almost makes up for the amount of times I say 'um'.)
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