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Thanks for the invite! :)

Thank you for the invite! 

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Operation Backpack

tl;dr: For ten bucks, you get a bunch of indie novels in pdf, ePub, and mobi format. Bards and Sages gives 100% of the profits to homeless kids who need backpacks, and everybody wins.

"August usually means back to school shopping for most Americans. But each year, thousands of children living in homeless shelters and foster care return to school without even the most basic of necessities. Operation Backpack, a program operated by Volunteers of America, helps provided these needed supplies to our country's most vulnerable students and gives them a chance to continue their education.

In an effort to support this wonderful project, Bards and Sages has partnered with other independent authors and publishers to create a special charity ebook bundle. 100% of our profits from this bundle will be donated to Volunteers of America to support Operation Backpack.

This special charity collection includes seventeen independent speculative fiction titles with a retail value of almost $50. A complete list of participating authors can be found on the Bards and Sages website under the Charity tab.

This collection is comprised of two zip files, one containing PDF files and one containing mobi/kindle format files. Both files contain the same titles, simply offered in different formats. "

I love this.

The cat we found is now back with it's rightful owner, after three weeks! So happy his family found him!

Watching Eureka!

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Hwil wHeaton.

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We still have him.. If anyone owns him or thinks someone they know may, please let us know!
Found a lost cat on Forest street in Glace Bay, he's an old siamese looking guy with a bob tail. Very friendly and good with other animals, he's someones pet for sure. If anyone knows who might own him please let me know. I'm keeping him safe for the night, the coyotes and foxes would rip this old fella apart. Post this on facebook if you still use it, thanks.
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