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André Verwijs
Don't judge a book by its cover ...
Don't judge a book by its cover ...

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COOL!! manage Onedrive (also dropbox, google drve etc.) with rclone and rclone browser

to install:
- install rclone (available on main repos)
- install rclone-browser

deb yakkety main
deb-src yakkety main

install gpg key:
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys D67DF04A
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rclone-browser


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Look what I bought 😈 😈 

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MICKY Huijsmans (End Of The Dream) - Born To Die (Lana Del Rey cover) -

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(interview, PLEASE READ..!! and share)

“Our ambition is to reach as many people as possible”

End Of The Dream is a female fronted metal band hailing from Den Bosch (NL). The band was formed by singer Micky Huijsmans, guitar picker/keyboarder Armen Shamelian and guitar player Robin van Ekeren.

In 2015 End Of The Dream self-released their debut album `All I Am’ and the CD got great reviews. A month ago the band released their follow up album `Until You Break’ and now is the time to talk with vocalist Micky about that new album and their future plans........

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We are now exactly halfway through our sabbatical year and it feels good to have some time off.
To be among our friends, family and loved ones and to build up new energy.
Ten years of dedication and devotion to La-Ventura, has been a privilege and big part of our lives,
but now is the time to get some leisure in return :)

Rest assure, we are also using this year to write new music. More about that in the new year!
Have fun and Rock on!

Opensim Dev's:

here PowerShell scripts to build (compile) from source using Powershell with "Invoke-msbuild" module... (change path within scripts)

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story about Linux safety... :)

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Dropbox is THE BEST service, you can back your files up to the cloud, sync them between computers, and share them with your friends. That's not all it can do though, here are top 5 favorite clever uses for this "kickass" file syncing program...

1 Securely Share Files, from Saucy Pics to Paperwork
2 Print Documents to Your Home Printer from Any Computer
3 Convert, Share, and Automate Your Files
4 Create Your Own Cloud-Based Music Library
5 Launch Applications and Run Commands remotely from Your Home Computer

..and more
or see (choose language at the bottom)


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NEW THEME Google Chrome - Within Temptation "Paradise" (with Tarja)
(Last updated: June 23 2017)

download/install here.. (Google Chrome only..!!)

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