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GooglePlusPlus Default Circle - extension / userscript for Google+ (aka Google Plus aka G+) which adds a star next to each circle stream name. The star can be clicked to set or unset one circle stream as your default. When a default is set, going to the Stream view (which is an aggregate of all your circles) you automatically get redirected to your default stream.


Effectively, you can make one of your circles as the new everything you want to see by default based on one circle not all circles.

Fork it (github):

Home page for this and my other Google++ extensions at:
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Nice! "Remove Default" slipped me up for a moment, I expected to just be able to set a new default.
+Micah Wittman Looks good. First issue I noticed though is that you can only star the defaults if you are in the "Stream" view. If you happen to be in one of your circles, the "stars" do not show up. It was a little confusing at first because when I loaded it and refreshed the "stars" did not show up as expected.
Update: I also find the DEFAULT_ Text to be annoying when hovering over the circles to select the default.
Cosmetic issue I suppose. But while on the topic. It would feel more "Google" like if the "Star" was more like gmails. It would give a more "natural" feel.
+Matt Musgrave Great! +Jody Carbone , hmm that brings up a good question. My initial thought is if one changes the default just once in a while, it's cleaner to not have the other stars showning when a default is currently set. But for someone who frequently changes their default always have all the stars makes switching quicker (one less step).

Looking forward to more discussion. :)
+Micah Wittman I could be missing it. But I do not see a way to revert back to a "normal" stream view. Maybe adding a "Start" to Stream on the side bar.
Keeping the concept clean might be better to have a pop up when you hover over that lets you click a button "Remove Default" or "Revert" or something. This way the UI stays clean and it only pops up when someone is rolling over it. I think people will figure that out a lot easier then having a "star" that just would stand out too much with the formatting
+Ben Davis Hover over the solid blue star (your currently set default) - it should say REMOVE DEFAULT, when you click it you'v unset the given default and you're back to normal until you set a new default. Let me know if that makes sense. Thanks for hanging in there.
+Micah Wittman That works. Though I think this kind of goes back to my original comment that if the "Stars" were more like GMails stars it would be easier to understand. Because I think people are use to seeing the empty stars in every email subject and just starring and unstaring as needed. I didn't think of unclicking the blue star because it is a unfamiliar object. But I do star and unstar gmail items all the time. Just my 2 Cents. (I like this plugin the most from your collection and see my self using it everyday and useable to others but UI I really think needs that small tweak. (Think i mentioned that a few times :))
Nice. Now using '0. Main Feed' as my default.
+Ben Davis, You've sold me. I just reworked the UI and released an update (see next comment). You and +Jody Carbone were right - it's so great to get a thoughtful reaction from you all. :)
googleplusplus_default_circle v 0.1.2 Release (same Install link: - Changed UI so empty stars always appear and can be clicked to set a new default without the extra step of unsetting the current (solid star) default.
Yay! I could have gone either way, but more content with the change. Thank you sir, this is a great piece of work. If it would only sync to my Android app :))
+Micah Wittman Micah thanks for this but there is small problem: when one circle is used as default then it is not possible to go to the stream unless you remove the default. Could you please fix this. It is good to be redirected to your default circle when you click on Google+ logo but at least we should be able to access the main stream after we click on the link Stream.
+Er-fun Kheirandish , I am not sure thats such a good idea. I mean the whole point of the plugin is to have your stream go TO your default circles. If you want to see the stream just unstar your default it will revert back to the standard operation.
+Ben Davis As I said there are two options: one you click on the Google+ logo and you are taken to your default circle but on top of the circles' title there is the word 'Stream' which is a good option to take us to stream without removing the default function.
+Er-fun Kheirandish I understood what you were referring to. I was only adding my 2 cents that I think the functionality is correct in that it is designed to do exactly what it currently does. Changes the default "streams" to that of your choice. I think having 2 different defaults would be confusing to new adopters , and it would break the general feel of common UI interfaces where an user expects to click on the company logo, or home and get to the same place.
+Er-fun Kheirandish, in light of the idea you brought up, I dabbled with the code a bit as I mulled it over, and I have to agree with +Ben Davis at this point. Making the Stream default-able may lead to more confusion than how it stands now since Stream is already the native default. When you unset a default you get original behaviour, so I think Occam is on my side.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you taking the time think over and discuss how you see it. :)
+Micah Wittman Have you given any though about floating the "Google Bar" so that when you scroll down you can quickly get back to all the google bar features? Or are you going to make me have to learn how to write chrome plugins ? :)
+Micah Wittman +Mark Trapp , okay I have played Minecraft once or twice.. but tell me IS there a point to the game other then just modern-day lego building?
+Mark Trapp Thanks for the link.. That is actually something I think is useful.
+Ben Davis, I haven't had a chance to get to it yet, but making the topbar "unfixed" is a one-liner I believe:

.a-Eo-T { position: relative !important; }


Javascript / jQuery:

+Mark Trapp No I think it is I just wasn't sure if there was any "objectives". +Micah Wittman While I am sure it might be a one liner I am not a programmer and know no java. A bit of VBA , and python are all I know.
Okay Crazy a$$ thing... Did you change any code in your scripts +Micah Wittman ? Because right after you posted that the bar floats.!
Wow small roll outs that was one that was really really bothering me too :) Now I feel I can be productive with it. (Thanks for monitoring Google)
it's just an option, it kept cropping up in the i wish there was a way... comments and now there is
I didn't realize it was just user javascript. I ran it using Fluid's built in support for that and it worked just fine.
I really like the idea but as +Er-fun Kheirandish suggested, there should be a way to switch to the default stream without removing the new default circle. I see the use case as follows: You want a quick look, and see if there is something happening in a certain circle, but afterwards or in another instance you want the full stream.
It is not working on non-english settings. The scripts is searching 'Stream' but 'Stream' is not exists on non-englsih setting users.
+Micah Wittman Great idea. I've gotten requests to add this feature to my extension, and I'll reference yours in my credits if that's alright.
I found that when I have the default circle set and try to view the Twitter and/or Facebook streams using StartGooglePlus, it will continuously reload the page. No biggie on this end. Just thought you should know. Thanks for the awesome extensions!
googleplusplus_default_circle v 0.1.5 Release


- Extension is now, functionally, language independent (not dependant on English present in the page).

- User-requested feature Set Stream as starred-default implemented.
- Changed button hover wording: from SET AS DEFAULT to simply SET to save space (all REMOVE DEFAULT is now UN-SET).

Home page for Google++ extension:

PS. Are you multi-lingual? Can you help crowd-source a small translation effort on another G+ script. SEE MORE here:
So you can set only ONE circle as default - right? I had the idea you could define 2-3 (or more) circles to be the combined default...
+a vichr, Just one at a time, that's correct. Custom-combining circles would require an API which such allowances, and Google hasn't released an API whatsoever quite yet. It's early days, though.
No prob - I just wanted to know and thought I had read about it …
Keep up the good work and good ideas.
+Chaval Brasil, I have a number of scripts on, but mostly those I developed pre-Google+ (majority for Friendfeed). However I did put a stub for my G+ Hide Comments extension there: .
I haven't done so with my other five G+ extensions - I'm not sure if it's poor form to submit a userscript entry there that just points to my github repo, which is what I've chosen to be my canonical public version. There are downsides trying to keep current versions on in multiple locations; in the past I kept one copy on my own domain/webhost and and it was a pain and got out of sync at times. Managing with git on my local machine + github for public access is a solution I'm finding I really like.

I kind of rambled there - what are thoughts on this, Chaval?
googleplusplus_default_circle v 0.1.2 Release (same Install link: -

- Improved compatibility by converting unicode star characters to images. UPDATE
- Added small amount of left padding to stars for small browser window width cases. UPDATE
- Removed underline style seen while a star was hovered. UPDATE
- Now allows navigation to The Stream by clicking Stream without setting it as default. NEW

Now on par with module in current Chrome extension (1.13) functionality.
Thank you for this great extension! It'd be cool if I could still see my own posts in my default. Since I can't add myself to circles, I can never see my own posts except on my profile. Is there a way around this?
+Rain Hayes, You're welcome, thanks for the comment. Seeing one's own posts in circle—I would like Google+ to work that way too, actually. Since the default circle mechanism essentially redirects you back to a specified circle if your navigation results in going to the home page (The Stream), what you see is limited by how circles work inherently.

I'll keep this mind as the script evolves. Thank you for the feedback, Rain.
Thomas, Plus Minus is a different extension (not one of mine), but I like the concept; I've dialogued with the developer - he seems like a really nice guy too.
Just discovered this extension tonight, after the Chrome update broke so many. :/ I'll wait til you get it working. :)
I'll update all the stand-alone userscripts hopefully tomorrow.
+J M, Google made some serious changes behind the scenes (two rounds of it) in the last several days. I haven't caught up with getting all the standalone userscript updates out, but they're coming.

Thanks for saying something - and I'll update this thread when it's released (hopefully tonight).
googleplusplus_default_circle - v 0.2.6 Release - Critical Fix - this restores extension back to fully functioning.


The G+ Firefox/Safari extensions have long needed fixing to catch up with the Golden View (Chrome only) version. User Mute is also fixed, so just three more extensions to go.

/cc +John Marstall , +Gerhard Kaspar , +Jan Niggemann
At this place too: Thank you so much, Micah! :-)
The "- Now allows navigation to The Stream by clicking Stream without setting it as default. NEW" feature doesn't seem to be working for me (1.32). Still takes me to my default circle. Hand editing the URL to be .../ does work.
googleplusplus_default_circle - v 0.2.7 Release

- Default Circle redirect was not triggering. Fixed, and clicking Stream itself (just like UNSET star) now unsets the current default circle. FIX

Upon this release, navigating to the stream requires unsetting the currently set default circle (click the solid blue star to unset). Just click the empty start to set as default again.
What i'd like is not a default circle, but a setting of which circles go to the main stream and which ones don't
Only a hint. Every stream hase a unique url, therefore you could bookmark it and activate it with a click.
Thanks so much for the hide/show extension, +Micah Wittman, you have seriously improved my experience here!
This should be a default function in G+ and not only an extension of the browser which is doing a redirection.
BTW: it's very useful for me anyway, thanks.
Works great. Thank you, Micah. I agree this should be a built-in. Default circle(s) are a nice, simple way to filter out the crapslide (a la FB). I refuse to use Assbook - but G+ works for me, with this facility. Otherwise...
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