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Revivogen is Natural Look Transitions’ trusted, topical solution for hair loss. It has been proven to be completely safe for men and women, has no side effects, and presents a variety benefits…

Reducing DHT production

Promotion of stronger, thicker hair

Essential nutrients protect and revive hair

Blocking androgen receptors

Initiating growth in hair follicles in both men and women

With Revivogen, you will typically see within 60-90 days of use. In clinical studies, it has been shown to have an 88% success rate, with maximum benefit occurring within 12-18 months of use.

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy:

After just one treatment, laser hair therapy increases the blood supply to the scalp by 54%

Laser hair therapy can stop the progression of hair loss in 85% of all clients
Increased hair strength and elasticity.

If you have postoperative transplant surgery, laser hair therapy can certainly help the newly transplanted hair to thrive and quicken the healing process.

Shinier, fuller, softer, thicker hair.

Delivery of light energy directly from different positions and without the loss of light properties that are needed to ensure appropriate dosage.

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Take a look at our Reallusions hair replacement systems for women. It is totally customized and virtually undetectable to both sight and touch. Run your fingers through your new hair. You will notice right away that it is almost impossible to tell where Reallusions starts and your real hair begins.
Reallusions not only looks amazing but also restores your natural hair volume and gives you back a fuller healthier look.
Any Color. Any Style. Perfect, Natural Results.
Reallusions offers you a natural front hairline that matches your age, specific hair density, and part line of your scalp with only 100% of the highest quality human hair.

If you have postoperative transplant surgery, laser hair therapy helps the newly transplanted hair to thrive and quicken the healing process

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At Natural Look Transitions, we have perfected the nonsurgical hair loss solutions for men that you’ve been searching for. We use the latest technological advancements to provide the most natural looking hair restoration. Our team will work closely with you for a personalized look and feel. From nonsurgical hair grafts and laser hair therapy to the Revivogen hair loss prevention system, we provide the treatments to restore your hairline and your confidence.

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Take a look at our frequently asked available options.

What kind of knots should I order?

Knotting for hair systems is extremely technical and is in itself a vocational discipline. It is wise for the consumer to allow the experts to make these choices. The specific ventilation and knotting technique can vary greatly depending on the style requirements.

What are bleached knots and why are they used?

For each single hair that is tied to the lace material, the pigment is removed from the knot to make them less visible in the hair replacement system.

Can you match my hair if I'm African-American?

Yes, we have a wide variety of textures for African-American hair.
Can you match African American hair that’s been “straightened”?
Yes, “straightened" African-American hair is one of our textures.
Can you match my very fine hair?

You bet! At Natural Look Transitions we match our hair exactly to your hair specifications.

Can you put highlights in my hair system?

Absolutely. We recommend color graduation in every hair system for a more natural look. If you really examine most people’s natural growing head of hair you’ll notice that only rarely does a person have the exact same color throughout their head. Most times there is some level of natural color graduation.

What should I do when the hair in my system gets dry?

Because a hair system can't wick nature’s oils from sebaceous glands, it will eventually become dry and brittle. We offer a variety of products to help alleviate dry hair systems. Unfortunately, science has not yet developed protection for the hair as good as your own natural sebum. To combat dry hair, we recommend you use a shampoo formulated for hair systems and do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair system on a regular basis.

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Take a look at the different types of quality's of hair we use at Natural Look Transitions.

100% Virgin hair, the highest quality human identical untreated hair.

European Hair, 100% virgin fine textured human hair

Remy hair, is chemically processed to restore the cuticle to mimic virgin hair. This is the closest in quality to virgin hair and the most popular choice for budget and realism. It requires more maintenance and use of hair care product to ensure longevity.

Yaki hair, 100% human remy hair that is able to blend with African American hair. It is made from European hair and yak hair from the animal.

100% human hair, has had the cuticle removed which can cause tangling and matting after a few weeks of use. This hair does not last as long but it can be fully restored to original quality using a bleach and ammonia bath

100% synthetic hair, these include Krylon and Kankalon hair that can be used by heat tools on the low settings. These types of hair are able to hold a style longer but cannot be color or chemically treated. This is most budget friendly type of hair.

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Lose your hair and get it back in a day!

Discover the convenience and undetectable nature of modern hair replacement systems.

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A cup of Joe so your hair can grow?

Caffeine has been proven by medical science to grow hair. The researchers who worked on this project were T. W. Fischer MD, U. C. Hipler PhD andP. Elsner MD.
They took biopsies from the scalps of 14 men in the early stages of hair loss.
They then exposed the hair follicles to solutions containing different levels of caffeine. They also exposed some of the follicles to DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss. After 8 days, even the hair follicles exposed to the DHT showed growth.
Growth was greatest in follicles that were placed in solutions of caffeine only.

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Go insane and double your hair growth!

The popular Insanity workout routine had been shown to double your hair growth. This exercise is one of the Important Key for good health and good hair. When we exercise we sweat. Through sweat, toxins and waste substances are flushed out from the skin pores, giving us a fresh and radiant skin. Likewise, when we sweat from our scalp, it helps to unclog the hair follicles, giving enough space for the new hair to be grown. Exercising also increases blood flow to our muscles, skin and scalp. The increased blood flow brings with it more nutrients and more oxygen. This provides nourishment to the hair roots, and thereby promoting healthy hair growth. Some of the effects of exercising are comparable to effects of oil massage.
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