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So why can't we make a National Recommended Reading List for kids while ignoring the government?  We now have free books in Project Gutenberg:

Robinson Crusoe (1719)            by Daniel Defoe
Gulliver's Travels (1726)        by Jonathan Swift
Frankenstein (1818)                by Mary Shelley
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865)
                                by Lewis Carroll
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884/5)
                                by Mark Twain
The Sign of Four (1890)            by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Picture of Dorian Gray(1891)by Oscar Wilde
LORD JIM  (1900)                by Joseph Conrad
KIM  (1901)                        by Rudyard Kipling
THE CALL OF THE WILD  (1903)    by Jack London
The Wind in the Willows (1908)    by Kenneth Grahame
The History of Mr Polly (1910)    by HG Wells
Siddhartha  (1922)                by Herman Hesse
David and the Phoenix  (1957)    by Edward Ormondroyd
Omnilingual (1957)                by H. Beam Piper
Why The Common Core State Standards?
Why The Common Core State Standards?
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What would qualify as a cheap but good reading list? How about the free items in the 100 Best Books?

HEART OF DARKNESS (1899) by Joseph Conrad PG
SISTER CARRIE (1900) by Theodore Dreiser PG
LORD JIM (1900) by Joseph Conrad PG
KIM (1901) by Rudyard Kipling PG
THE WINGS OF THE DOVE (1902) by Henry James PG
THE GOLDEN BOWL (1902) by Henry James PG
THE CALL OF THE WILD (1903) by Jack London PG
THE WAY OF ALL FLESH (1903) by Samuel Butler PG
NOSTROMO (1904) by Joseph Conrad PG
THE HOUSE OF MIRTH (1905) by Edith Wharton PG
THE SECRET AGENT (1907) by Joseph Conrad PG
A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1908) by E.M. Forster PG
THE OLD WIVES’ TALE (1908) by Arnold Bennett PG
HOWARDS END (1910) by E.M. Forster PG
ZULEIKA DOBSON (1911) by Max Beerbohm PG
SONS AND LOVERS (1913) by D.H. Lawrence PG
OF HUMAN BONDAGE (1915) by W. Somerset Maugham PG
THE RAINBOW (1915) by D.H. Lawrence PG
THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS(1918) by Booth Tarkington PG
WINESBURG, OHIO (1919) by Sherwood Anderson PG
THE GOOD SOLDIER (1919) by Ford Madox Ford PG
WOMEN IN LOVE (1920) by D.H. Lawrence PG
THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1920) by Edith Wharton PG
MAIN STREET (1920) by Sinclair Lewis PG

Publish date order 1899-1920 All of these books are in Project Gutenberg.
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H. G. Wells did not just do Science Fiction.

Now I'll have to see what he said about us 100 years ago. But this was before he predicted the Atomic Bomb in 1913. Where would we be without The Bomb.
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On September 25th Project Gutenberg reached 55,555 works. Must be the Chemistry.

History of Chemistry, Volume I (of 2) by Edward Thorpe
History of Chemistry, Volume II (of 2) by Edward Thorpe

But we must not forget Sturgeon's Law and how old that is:

90% of Everything is Crud!

There must be 2,778 good books there. LOL
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The Petrol Engine, by Francis John Kean

100 year old book for 100 year old technology.

Of course now we say gasoline engine for automobiles.

Now the automobile has a von Neumann device at its heart and will soon drive themselves. Who imagined that 100 years ago.
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A Forbidden Bookshelf? How unAmerican!
Forbidden Bookshelf
Forbidden Bookshelf
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Networld! Only 20 years out of date. What did they think of the Internet in 1995?

There is no mentions of Linux or Google in the entire book. That shows how out of date it is! What, no smartphones using GPS to track everyone via the Internet?
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Karl Smithe commented on a post on Blogger.
Everyone wear mirror shades all of the time.
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So how much CO2 is the result of Planned Obsolescence? When do the Economists and Climatologists talk about that? Duh, what is NET Domestic Product?
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