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Photographer Aydın Büyüktaş has published a new series of photos as part of his delightful Flatland series, which shows landscapes folding upon themselves like something out of the movie Inception.

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A sense of scale

Space. Always weird to think of how big it is. We are just a speck of a speck in the universe.
To get a sense of the scale, the mountain 1/3 from the right is Muen mountain. Which is about 300 meters high from the base, and 1424 MASL.

#Muen #Ringebu #Gudbrandsdalen #Norway #AuroraBorealis #Aurora #NorthernLights

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Digital does things for you. Things film could not do. Back in the film days, at a certain point in the day, in fading light, you might have folded your tents. But with digital, you still have time, you still have life. A fighting chance. The digital chip sees things your eyes might not. The chip knows. The chip has confidence, even when I don’t.

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The real landscape

The Norwegian landscape isn't always colorful and sunny.
Most days the clouds make up most of the sky. And sometimes they let the light through.

This is taken from Friisvegen in Oppland county. Just a short drive from Ringebu.

#Landscape #Cloudscape #Norway #Ringebu #Mountains

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Loftet dance studio did a flash mob performance with 70+ dancers during the world cup in Kvitfjell yesterday!

Check out

Filmed with GH4 and some point and shoot cameras. 

Ricardo Martinez: Are you a bot? 

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Vi i landsbygalleriet hengte opp årets første bilder :)

We mounted the new images on our all year outdoor exhibition.

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Night at Gimsøya, Lofoten

00:30 in the morning, the sun had finally set, and the mist made its appearance.

#Roadtrip #Norway #Lofoten #Gimsøya

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Gimsøya, Lofoten

After enjoying the sunset at Gimsøya I stopped at this driveway. Thinking of how nice it must to live here.

#Lofoten #Gimsøya #Roadtrip #Norway #Sunset

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This Photographer Builds Each of His Sets by Hand

Fine art photographer Nicky Hamilton just completed an impressive photo series titled “The Lonely Man.” Each photo in the project took him an average of 3 months to sketch, build, light, and shoot.

Hamilton, a self-taught photographer and the former Head of Art at the ad agency M&C Saatchi, says that the photos in the series came out of the emotions of his own childhood.

“In the early years my Dad started out as a builder,” Hamilton says. “Things were simple, holidays where plenty and so was the laughter.”

“In the mid 80s my Dad lost his business in a freak incident and had to declare himself bankrupt, post a recent purchase of a dream home he could no longer afford,” he continues. “He turned to crime and crime turned him into a drug addict who would one day call his son and ask me to prevent him from commuting suicide.”
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