My daughter's classroom is filled with flies. The flies multiply every day, and when I drop my daughter off there's just more and more, even though both teachers are doubly armed with flyswatters.
 I started to panic a little when I imagined my daughter having a snack in her class while the flies helped themselves to it first. It made me want to call out sick, roll up my sleeves and help these two outnumbered and overmatched ladies kill these dirty fuckers!
 Later, my son left the door to the house open after he and his sister got home from school, and I guess a bunch of bugs flew in. But its only after everyone had gone to bed and I was alone in the quiet of the house, that I could see them all buzzing around my head.
 So there I was wanting to relax with a freshly poured cocktail But instead I watched the mosquitos and the flies taunting me as they dive bombed past my face, and then towards the orgasmic sensation of the kitchen light.
 BAM!!! Down went a mosquito with the palm of my hand, squashing it into a brown and red paste against the ceiling.
 BOOM!!! A fly is splattered against the window as I flicked it hard with the tip of my middle finger.
 Finally the battle ended, there was just one fly left. I rolled up a damp dishrag by holding two corners and twisted it into a whip. I nailed it right between the eyes, and he catapulted across the kitchen and then landed in my drink.
 I didn't discover this until I'd finished off most of my cocktail, and I saw him lying there lifeless and bloated with booze. I felt sad for him for a second, and then I realized he'd gotten the last laugh.
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