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Guavio: A ‘dam’ good outing
At the Guavio Reservoir, you get hot springs and sunny weather and spectacular scenery. The reservoir, known as Embalse del Guavio, is the lake formed by a hydro dam built in 1989 and sits in spectacular canyons on the eastern slopes of the Andes about 130 kms from Bogotá. As usual, internet information on the area is sketchy. But we set off anyway with a tank full of petrol and the kids chanting from the back seat – even before we leave Bogotá – “how long before we get there?”
Looking for a scenic ‘G route’ across Cundinamarca? Pass through Guasca, Gama, Gachalá and Gachetá to reach Guavio.
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Los invito a que pasen y conoscan paisajes maravillosos y gente amable extraordinaria que abre sus puertas al que llega.
Mis padres son de alli y soy orgullosa de venir de tan hermosa region.
Pasen por Ubala, Gachala, Gama, Gacheta, Junin, entre otros y disfruten de su gastronomia y de sus pueblitos bellos. 
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Sale my postcards Colombia at the International Book Fair in Bogota (Corferias) -. Pavilion Macondo
Fetze Weerstra
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    Bogotá se mide con las metrópolis turísticas Como cualquier metrópoli turística reconocida como Nueva York, Londres o París, Bogotá y sus alrededores ahora también cuentan con postales turísticas modernas. Su creador, el holandés Fetze Weerstra, es fotógrafo de paisajes urbanos y rurales y habitante de Bogotá. “La Vida Respira Color” es su lema, la visión desde donde retrata a la capital y al resto del país. Weerstra usa la fotografía para mo...
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Que buen momento para recordar 
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Tayrona´s Natural Park, Santa Marta, Colombia In South America
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Around the world, people love chocolate. Proof of that is seen in countries such as England, Switzerland, and Germany, where the average resident consumes an average of 11 kilos of this sweet tropical treat every year. To keep up with the demand, the world production of cocoa reached some 3.98 million tons during 2011-2012.

Although Africa produces the largest amounts of cocoa in the world, Colombia is known for producing the type of cocoa that is recognized to have the highest quality. In 2008 The International Cocoa Organization included Colombia in the group of 15 countries that export the best cocoa, called Fine Aroma Cocoa. This year 100% of the cocoa that Colombia exported was of this type.

One particular area of Colombia is getting attention in relation to cocoa crops – the department of Bolívar and the Caribbean region, where cocoa is developing into a crop with high potential.

Las muestras comerciales provienen de las siguientes asociaciones: Asocama (Maceo, Antioquia), Acefuver (Chigorodó, Antioquia), Alianza Tumaco (Tumaco, Nariño), Aprocar y Cortipaz (El Carmen, Santander), Aprocasur (Santa Rosa, Bolívar), y Coomprocar (Arauquita, Arauca).

Entre tanto las muestras experimentales que participarán son: Compañía Nacional de Chocolates (Barrancabermeja, Santander) y dos por Fedecacao San Vicente de Chucurí (Santander).

En total participaron 27 muestras comerciales y 8 experimentales que llegaron de diferentes departamentos como Santander, Meta, Huila, Tolima, Bolívar, Antioquia, Arauca, Córdoba y Nariño.

@santanders #tumaco   #cocoa   #colombia   #chocolate  
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Who remembers seeing one of these at granny's house? 
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Mi mami tiene una y dice q es mejor para los envueltos ♡
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Macuira National Park
Parque Nacional Natural Macuira is located in the La Guajira Department and is an oasis in the desert.

Photo by Freddy Cabarcas
#colombia   #desert  
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+Deisis Luna Rodriguez gracias corazón también es para mi gusto saludarte que excelente atardecer 
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Sugar Cane, winner of the national photography contest, Reveal Colombia
Over a thousand pictures competed for the award, Reveal Colombia

The author of the photo, Andrew Galan Jaderson Monsalve, received a prize of ten million pesos, from the hands of the Vice Minister of Tourism, Oscar Rueda Garcia. The Vice Minister reflected on the possibility of promoting such mills, as a tourist attraction, considering that small scale sugar cane operations are still present in several departments of the country.
#photography   #cana   #colombia  
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Earth Day  Mother Earth 
How You Can Help Save the Amazon Rainforest From Deforestation
The Amazon rainforest is the largest gathering of trees on the planet, covering 5,500,000 square kilometers. The area is vast, spread across nine countries: the majority in Brazil (60%), followed by 13% in Peru 10% in Colombia and other small variants in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.
#earthday   #amazon  
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+oscar sanchez Amazonas!!
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Colombia My Country.
Through my focus, I would want introduce Colombia ,my country. Corner of South America. With Atlantic and Pacific's seas. Rich and filled land with diversity of climates and prosperous regions,happy and warm people.
 by Olga Barrientos
Tribute to my Country, COLOMBIA
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Velez Santander
#santander #colombia   #turismo   #river  
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Siempre tan amables! Gracias.
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El mejor plato colombiano, que rico!!
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At the northern end of the peninsula of La Guajira is located punta gallinas, a breathtaking natural scenery of plateaus, sand dunes and rocky cliffs, which emerge from the sea.
#colombia   #turismo  
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K linda k es mi Guajira . El cabo de la vela . Extraño.😘 :(
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Moving to Colombia ~ Living in Colombia ... Use our Colombia forum to meet other expats, find the right international school in Colombia, jobs in Colombia, the best places to live in Colombia, cost of living Colombia -- even where to find the best pizza in Colombia! 

Famous for its coffee, Colombia is situated in the northwest corner of South America.Gorgeous beaches along both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines combine with historic cities and a colourful culture to make this an exciting destination for visitors.

Bogata: Sitting at a lofty height of over 2,500 metres above sea level, Bogotá is the country’s capital and a destination brimming with attractions of cultural interest. Museums are especially plentiful and include venues such as the Gold Museum (El Museo del Oro), the National Museum (Museo Nacional), the Museum of Colonial Art and the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota. The city’s dining and evening entertainment scenes are lively and boosted by a large selection of establishments.

Cartagena is located on the northern Caribbean coast of Columbia. Cartagena was founded in 1533 but found itself at the centre of many pillages and attacks including those of pirates. It was for this reason that the city was fortified with walls, castles and fortresses. This colonial architecture is the main attraction of the city and can be seen in the walls baring cannons, the old city and the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. Though Cartagena de Indias is a thriving, modern city, it is also a UNESCO site that reflects Colombia’s rich heritage.

\¸.♥ ♥ COLOMBIA ♥ ♥¸.*
/ \

Tayrona National Natural Park is a one of the country’s most popular nature reserves that encompasses the diversity of the Colombian terrain. Biodiversity ranges from arid Caribbean beach fronts to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range up to 900m above sea level. The park is home to a wide range of both animals and plant species including birds, deer and many different bats. You can hike a variety of paths within the park that take lead to various noteworthy ecological destinations including the Piedras River, the Pools, the San Juan Out and the Castilletes Beach. The Archaeologic Museum of Chairama located at the Cañaveral Site has evidence of early civilizations that lived within the park up until the early 1600’s.

Amacayacu National Park & Amazon Jungle: A trip to Amacayacu National Park provides you with the opportunity to explore the Amazon jungle. This 293 500 hectare area is based within the southern Amazon trapezoid. Features include viewing the varzea (seasonally flooded rainforest) as well as river systems, swamps, marshes and other beautiful areas that are characteristic of the Amazon forest. Arranged tours will allow you to visit native Indian settlements. The amount of wildlife in the park is staggering and includes among many others the lion marmoset, 469 bird species, enormous reptiles, crocodile, turtles, jaguars, tapirs, river dolphins and the famous Amazonian manatee.

Sante Fe de Antioquia is an agricultural city that produces maize, beans and coffee. The Colonial centre was established in 1541 and literally seems to be suspended in time as it retains all of the architecture from its early beginnings. This has resulted in entire city being declared a National monument. Places of interest include the Bridge of the West, the Plaza Mayor Juan de Corral, the Archiepiscopal Palace, the Museum of Religious Art, the House of the Two Palms, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and a famous ranch named La Playita.

Other cities and towns of interest: Other colonial towns of interest include Villa de Leyva, Popayan, and Santa Cruz de Mompox. Each hosts monuments and architecture that emulates the rich history of the country. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and Las Lajas Cathedral are two other popular tourist destinations. Medellín, the country’s second largest city, offers pretty parks, modern architecture and art galleries.

Beaches: Colombia has a Caribbean coast of 1,600km in length and a Pacific Ocean coast 1,300km long. The result is over three hundred sun drenched tropical beaches that play host to both resorts and untouched public beaches that epitomize the Garden of Eden. The Caribbean coast is characterized by beautiful beaches with swaying palm trees, tropical vegetation and calm waters. Conversely the Pacific coast has stronger tides and dark sands. Both however boast warm water and amazing diving opportunities. Some famous areas are Chocó , Providencia Island, Pacífico, San Andrés and Santa Marta.

Other Highlights - Nature: Colombia has policies that strongly favour the eco tourist. This coupled with the wide variety of natural environments on offer has resulted in a plethora of natural parks and attractions to choose from. These include among others the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, Cabo de la Vela, the Cocora valley , the Pacific islands of Malpelo and Gorgona, the central Andean region's Tatacoa Desert and the Amazon River basin. The Andean mountains and the glaciers based within them are simply beautiful to behold. These also give rise to strong rivers which are the ideal location for river rafting