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Sue Bailey
Owner/Operator of 101 Friends for Every Dog - South Yorkshire and North Notts.
Owner/Operator of 101 Friends for Every Dog - South Yorkshire and North Notts.

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Get this beautiful thing with Shpock - the boot sale app!

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The Delectable Fudge
Normally I don't board dogs myself even though I am licensed and insured to do so.  I tend to stick to the house/pet sitting and use my excellent dog carers to board client's dogs.  I generally only have dogs here if a carer is taken ill and my other carers...

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A Nice Surprise
Well that was a surprise!  Today I took the first booking for 2015.  Yes 2015; I couldn't believe it but I'm not grumbling at all. Thankfully I set up my spreadsheet in December to run into the first 3 months of 2015 so it was easy to tell the client that w...

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Please have  a look at the blog for full details.  We are urgently needing dog carers in South Yorkshire to replace people whose circumstances have recently changed.  

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Our team of dog carers in South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire are wonderful.  They are reliable and trustworthy and all are genuine dog lovers. If they weren't they wouldn't do the job because we can't offer them vast amounts of money.  Basically they...

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The Dog-Friendly Alternative to Kennels - What Does This Really Mean?
101 Friends for Every
Dog South Yorkshire provides a comprehensive residential & daycare service
for dogs in most postcode areas of South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire.   Whenever you need to be away, you can leave your
dog with us and we will care fo...

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Did You Get To Meet Your Host Family/Carer?
If you have used home boarding for your dog before, did you get to meet the people he was staying with? I was talking to a client the other day who used to use another company to board her Chocolate Labrador.  She didn't want to put Henry into kennels and f...

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Why Do We Ask That Your Dog Wears a Collar?
When you become a member of 101 Friends and read through our Terms and Conditions you might be surprised to see that we request all dogs boarded with our carers wear a collar. Maybe your dog has a harness or slip lead; so why would he need a collar and why ...

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Who is the Dominant One - You or Your Dog?
Dogs are pack animals and all packs have a leader.  In a domestic situation that should be you
and not your dog.  When your dog knows its
place in the pack it is actually happier than when the boundaries are unclear. Even though dogs are a domesticated spec...
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