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Matt Sabia
YouTuber & Actor // Entrepreneur // Philanthropist // Producer // Founder of @SabiaSolutions - For Talent & Business Inquires Contact
YouTuber & Actor // Entrepreneur // Philanthropist // Producer // Founder of @SabiaSolutions - For Talent & Business Inquires Contact


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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Going to start using Google+ again as of... NOW.


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How to Draw Micky Mouse.

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Wow, I've been away from Google+ for a while!

Let me begin again by screwing with this drunk guy... #ShesLeavingMe  

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So I've come to the conclusion that it isn't just Facebook's bullsh%t reach/engagement stats (Learn about those and why I hold such a disdain for Facebook in general HERE: ) that were stopping my posts from getting ANY activity at all. There was with no doubt something technically wrong with my page. (No, Facebook's support team was of no help)

It made absolutely no sense how I can have hundreds of thousands of fans following me everywhere else, but this one social network.

So I made a new one. Will it be worth it? It's better than nothing.

So please go ahead and like my NEW Facebook fan page:

PRO TIP: If want to prevent Facebook from hiding my posts from your stream, see the image below.


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Both "Star Wars - The Force Awakens" trailers in 6 seconds.

Ft. Out of Breath Black Guy

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Best anti-theft tips ever.

I already do these though...

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Just got Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC. Can't wait!

Follow me on Twitter:

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Hi, I'm back.

Hey Google+ it's been a while. I'm going to make an effort to start posting here again regularly like I used to.

Why have I disappeared from Google+?

Besides building a next generation marketing company (+Sabia Solutions) and putting in countless hours to produce my first feature length film? No. Because of the new notification system on Google+.

The new notification system that Google+ enabled over a year ago singlehandedly drove me away from the website for a short time. The new notification system that was apparently modeled after Snapchat except for a fully fledged social network. I won't go on a detailed rant about it, but it frustrated me to no end how I only had one chance to look at a notification having no way to reference it again once clicked.

What brought me back?
A modified old version of the Google+ notification extension for Chrome I found in a deep dark section of the internet. Now I can once again reply to comments and interact with you guys on Google+.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter while you're at it.
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