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How did I not know we were connected on G+? Now we need to start playing up here. Much better than FB....
Hey +Patrick Healy how's it going?
I just happened to dive on to my old G+ account and saw this post.
Do you have any idea why I would/could have responded to this with my current G+ account? (See, my pic is different).
No idea. I just didn't activate any of my other G+ accounts from my other gmail accounts. I just use the one to avoid confusion. :-)
This post was from my old G+ account (before they allowed apps accounts). Given that I am always signed into my apps account I've only been using that since they enabled it.
Knowing you are a G+ whiz, I though you might know how I managed to do this. 
LOL, well, I would commit to one. No need to be a social media schizophrenic......
No kidding. I was hoping to be able to merge both, but no luck.
My other account is what I'm using but that's why I wonder how I am responding to my old account with my new profile?!?
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