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Altrient C and Altrient ME aren't only for athletes. Here is a great review of Altrient C and Altrient ME geared towards the busy mother.

Set your calendar! Dr. Thomas Levy will be on Super Human Radio April 22nd at Noon EST.

That little swig of juice and Altrient C are probably the most important items I consume each day. I used Altrient ME every day to enjoy the long lasting effects of the natural and powerful energy boost that Altrient ME can make you feel. It doesn’t create a feeling of shakiness or jitters at all either, just a very natural and long lasting amount of energy

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Altrient C delivers sought-after Vitamin C by John Koenig, CrossFit athlete.

Pick up the April issue of Shape Magazine. Inside is a great article on Official Altrient® Superhero Cheryl Brost.

In case you missed it. The founder of Altrient Inc., Mrs. Cindy Nachman, was the special guest in a recent episode of Carl Lanore's popular health and fitness show Super Human Radio. What did you think about the interview?

April is Poetry Month, so here it goes. Roses are red, Violets are blue. I take Altrient C, you should too. <~~~ can you do better than that.

Matt Chan and Cheryl Brost joined Carl Lanore on Super Human Radio recently. Download the segment here.

Clift Cox, from Rogersville, Missouri, is a big fan of Altrient ME. Read what he has to say about Altrient ME’s sustained energy boost when it really counts!

“I was introduced to Altrient ME a few weeks before the CrossFit Open. The first thing I noticed was that I liked the taste of it better than other energy drinks. I then began to use it prior to all of my validations because I felt like it gave me a boost in energy levels that was sustained and I definitely didn’t feel a crash like I do with some other energy supplements that I had tried. As a result, I no longer use Red Bull or other similar drinks.

With a 17th place finish (Worldwide) this year in the Masters 45-49 Division of the Crossfit Games and an invitation to compete at the World Games in California in July; I know I’ll be up against some incredibly talented athletes this year at the Games!”

Clift, with your skill and the power of Altrient ME we know you’ll place in the Top 10 at this year’s CrossFit Games!

Five Tips for Proper Post Marathon Recovery
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