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Brigitta “Britta” Huegel
"To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else." (Emily Dickinson)
"To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else." (Emily Dickinson)

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Beware of the Great Preachers of Nothing!
Dear You, These three little amber flowers above were the answer to a sympton that I watch Argus-eyed when it occurs: Caution! when books with titles like this attract me: (There are hundreds of them in bookshops - instead of being minimalistically thrown a...

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Epiphany Moment on Whitsuntide, sort of
Dear You,   This morning I woke up and was enlightened. Well: sort of. Learning sometimes takes a long time and has not always to do with intellect - no, soul & body constantly refuse to swallow this particular morsel of wisdom... So: Life thumps some lesso...

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Flowers everywhere - look, Maria Sibylla Merian!
Dear You,   May does not need me - May just is .  If you wonder what I'm talking about: each day I stop for a few minutes at my neighbour's garden  - enjoying the results of her toil for free - though I pay abundantly with praise. (Once I thought that I had...

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Paris - In a Limited Edition!
Dear You,  maybe I told you - and maybe not, because I am a cautious woman - that in a time not that far away I will go to Paris. So I was very happy to find in a Berlin drugstore a "Limited Edition" of - LAVATORY PAPER!  Extra dedicated to PARIS!  Oh là là...

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Movie-like Moments
In my memory I have a secret collection with the working title: " Movie Moments in my Life ". It is filled with thrilling snaphots - like the adventure when I was smuggled into the room of an Old Pensioner in Chelsea, or when an Oxford taxi driver stopped h...

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Dear You, what you see above is - in my eyes - a little wonder. This geranium - which a professional would call pelargonium , I know that, but using the "common word" is my way of trying to convince you that I really try to give up being perfect :-)  - well...

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Just Jump!
I always liked the motto of Mr. Disraeli : " Never complain, never explain" - I will take the secod half of it (never was a complainer). So: think of Agatha Christie's disappearance for a few days (and honestly: what is a month? These days it flashes past l...

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Last Confetti from Venice
Here - to end my report on Venice - a few confetti-like impressions which I especially remember. (Honestly: you don't really want to see my 720 photos and listen to the description of every church or painting or Guggenheim we visited - at least 13 km walk e...

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You asked for it! (Venice again)
In a comment Rachel wrote: " I was thinking we would have to ask Inspector Brunetti to solve the mystery of the disappearing post for us. " You bet! Il commissario was joy-riding on the Canale Grande , and if you look closely you might detect that in Januar...

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You Might Have Noticed...
... Dear You, that I have turned my yesterday's post about Venice back to draft-modus. I just didn't like it - had that nagging feeling when I went to bed that there was just too much "room for a pony", if you know what I mean - Hyacinth Bucket for sure wou...
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